Kamen Rider Scissors

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Kamen Rider Scissors
Japanese 仮面ライダーシザース
Actor Okada Ryoji (Stunt actor)
Alt identity Sudo Masashi
Series Kamen Rider Ryuki
First appearance Kamen Rider Ryuki 05
Motif Crab/Knight

Kamen Rider Scissors is the third Rider that appears in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Alternate Identity

Kamen Rider Scissors


KR Scissors stand.png CardScissorsAdvent.jpeg

First appearance: Ep 05

Height Weight Punch power Kick power Jump power Top speed
190cm 93kg 250AP (12.5t) 300AP (15t) 35m (one jump) 100m/5s

Scissors' default form after contracting with Volcancer.
Uses the ScissorsVisor to activate cards.

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A list of Cards used by Kamen Rider Scissors.
Scissors uses these cards with his ScissorsVisor to access weapons, summon Volcancer, and activate his Final Vent.

CardScissorsAdvent.jpeg CardScissorsStrike.jpeg CardScissorsGuard.jpeg CardScissorsFinal.jpeg
Strike Vent
Guard Vent
Final Vent
Attack: 3000 Attack: 1000 Guard: 2000 Attack: 4000
First appearance: Ep 05 First appearance: Ep 05 First appearance: Ep 06 First appearance: Ep 06
  • Volcancer - The Contract Monster of Scissors, based on a crab. Summoned to assist Scissors in battle.
  • Strike Vent - Summons the Scissor Pinch (シザースピンチ).
  • Guard Vent - Summons the Shell Defense (シェルディフェンス)
  • Final Vent - Executes the finisher, Scissors Attack (シザースアタック).