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Kamen Riders

Desire Driver Users

Listed below are Kamen Riders who are (or were) entrants in the Desire Grand Prix or any other DesiGra tournaments. They transform using the Desire Driver.
Setting Raise Buckles into the Desire Driver allows Riders in this category to change forms and access a variety of weapons.

DGP Management

Listed below are Kamen Riders who supervise the Desire Grand Prix. They transform using the Vision Driver.
As authorities of the DGP, these Riders are formidable in combat.

Supporting Riders

Listed below are Kamen Riders who are mysterious audience members that watch the Desire Grand Prix. They transform using the Laser Rise Riser.
Although these Riders are neither participants nor admins of the DGP, they assist Riders in battle whom they are personal fans of, but only for a limited time.

Jamato Rider

As the Desire Grand Prix progresses, a Pawn Jamato can acquire a Desire Driver with a Jamato Buckle to transform into a Jamato Rider.
Jamato Riders are far tougher to deal with, compared to Pawn Jamato. They can appear in any number and autonomously use Raise Buckles to change forms.

Rider Belt

Desire Driver.png
Desire Driver
  • The Rider Belt used by all DGP Kamen Riders.
  • Raise Buckles are set on the driver's left and right slots.
  • Requires ID Cores attached to its center before transforming.
First appearance: Ep 01
Item visiondriver basic.png
Vision Driver
  • The Rider Belt of Kamen Rider Glare.
  • Requires the Providence Card before transforming.
First appearance: Ep 14


Magnum Shooter 40X


Magnum Shooter 40X.png
  • Revolver. Equipment of Magnum Form.
  • Hits targets at any range.
  • Has a barrel extension used for sniping.
First appearance: Ep 01


  • Tactical Blast (タクティカルブラスト) - Fires a blast that destroys multiple targets.

Zombie Breaker


Zombie Breaker.png
  • Chainsaw sword. Equipment of Zombie Form.
  • Cuts targets, infecting them with poison.
  • Rotation of the blade's chain may force targets upwards.
First appearance: Ep 01


  • Tactical Break (タクティカルブレイク) - Rider Slash.

Ninja Dueler


Item ninjadueler basic.png
  • Twin-blade. Equipment of Ninja Form.
  • Both blades can be split apart for dual-wielding.
  • Shuriken Rounder is spun to enhance the blade with elemental power.
First appearance: Ep 07


  • Tactical Finish - Shoots projections of the Ninja Dueler at the target.
  • Tactical Slash - Deals immense damage to giant-sized Jamato.

Beat Axe


Item beataxe basic.png
  • Electric guitar. Equipment of Beat Form.
  • Special attacks are activated when played.
First appearance: Ep 10

Special attacks:

  • Tactical Blizzard - Freezes targets in solid ice after slashing them.
  • Tactical Fire - Slashes targets with a hot, fiery slash.
  • Tactical Thunder - Strikes lightning at multiple targets.

Raising Sword


Item raisingsword basic.png
  • A sword exclusive to Raising Form and Command Form (Cannon and Jet).
  • Charges power each time it strikes a hit.
  • Once the sword reaches Full Charge, the user acquires access to Command Form.
First appearance: Ep 13


  • Tactical Raising - Charges at the target with incredible speed.


  • Motorcycle. Equipment of Boost Form.
  • Changes modes depending on the Rider using the bike.
First appearance: Ep 01
Spider Phone.png
Spider Phone
  • A smartphone for all Kamen Riders in the DGP.
  • Gather Round - Announcement for when a game is about to start.
First appearance: Ep 01

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