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Portrayed by: Shundou Mitsutoshi
First appearance: Kamen Rider Geats Episode 18

A character in Kamen Rider Geats. Becomes a recurring antagonist in the series starting from episode 39 onwards.

Kekera is a middle-aged man who hails from a distant future. He is part of a mysterious audience that watches the Desire Grand Prix.

At times, Kekera disguises himself as a frog-like statue.

Kekera is a supporter of Sakurai Keiwa. Because he is fascinated with Keiwa's exploits as Tycoon, Kekera aims to shape Keiwa into his "ideal hero".
Tycoon's frequent encounters with the Boost Buckle were secretly set up by Kekera, who wants Tycoon to use any advantage he can get in the DGP.

Kekera uses the Laser Raise Riser to transform into Kamen Rider Kekera.

After Tycoon was killed by Buffa in episode 31, Kekera cooperates with Beroba to have Keiwa revived, at the cost of requiring Keiwa to experience suffering.
Although Sueru initiated the Grand End, Kekera obtained his wish from the Goddess of Creation, allowing him to exist until he sees Keiwa reach his full potential as a Kamen Rider.

When Keiwa chooses to help Ace reform the world into a happier place, his decision resulted in Kekera ceasing his support for him.

Kekera was erased from existence after he was defeated by Tycoon in a final fight between them.

Kamen Rider Kekera


Suit actor:

Uses the Laser Raise Riser to transform into Kamen Rider Kekera.
Kekera is based on a frog.

Kekerastand.png Item laser raise riser basic.png

Kekera. Loading.
First appearance: Ep 24

Height 250.8cm Weight 185.5kg
Punch power 21.4t Kick power 59.2t
Jump power 107.7m (one jump) 100m Dash 3.6 seconds (100m)

Accessed with the Kekera Raise Riser Card set in the Laser Raise Riser.
Despite his gigantic size, Kekera jumps very high. Attacks with his tounge (Kekeratan).

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Premium Kekera


Premium kekerastand.png Item laser raise riser basic.png

First appearance: Ep 42

  • Height: 201.4cm
  • Weight: 112.8kg
  • Characteristics/Strengths: Elastic tounge/High jumping ability

Accessed with the Black Raise Riser Card (Kekera) set in the Laser Raise Riser.

  • This Raise Riser Card is exclusive to DesiGra Premium members.

Premium Kekera's powers are on par with the DGP management staff.
Can freely engage in battles with minimal risk for participating in DesiGra games as a guest.

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  • Kyuun, Beroba, and Kekera are the only Riders in the series who do not have humanoid Rider forms.
  • According to Azuma Michinaga in episode 42, Premium Beroba and Premium Kekera are not identified as Kamen Riders, due to their kaijin-like appearances.