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4th Reiwa Rider series
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Pawn Jamato

Pawn Jamato.jpg

Height: 203.7cm
Weight: 59.6kg
Characteristics/Powers: Fighting in a mob/Changes depending on the worldview (集団戦術/世界観に応じた変化)

Rook Jamato

Rook Jamato.jpg

Height: 218.9cm
Weight: 80.3kg
Characteristics/Powers: Melee/Changes depending on world view (格闘/世界観に応じた変化)

Knight Jamato

Knight jyamatostand.jpg

Height: 0.7cm~118m
Weight: 3g~71100t
Characteristics/Powers: Power to expand or shrink/Changes depending on the world view (拡大・縮小能力/世界観に応じた変化)

Bishop Jamato

Bishop jyamatostand.jpg

Height: 227.0cm
Weight: 87.6kg
Characteristics/Powers: Fighting/Manipulating special spores (格闘/特殊な胞子の操作)

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