Kamen Rider Zero-One 01

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Episode 01
I'm President Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider Zero-One episode
Writer Takahashi Yuya
Director Sugihara Teruaki
Action Director Watanabe Jun
Original air date September 1, 2019 (2019-09-01)
Viewership 3.7%
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Fan Rating 4.58 / 5
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Episode 02
Are AIs enemies? Allies?
Episode List
Kamen Rider Zero-One
I'm President Kamen Rider
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Aired with Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 24

Important things that happened[edit]


Kamen Riders[edit]



Berotha Magear[edit]

Berotha Magear.pngKey berotha.png

Target Humagear Name / Profession: Abs-Blasting Taro/Comedian
Played by: Nakayama Kinni-kun (なかやまきんに君)
Height: 199.1cm
Weight: 104.6kg
Characteristics: Kujiberotha teruyukii (Extinct insect species)/Armblades



KRZeroOneguest01 01.png
KRZeroOneguest01 02.png


  • Zero-One Junction
  • Super Hero Time
  • Zero-One sponsors
  • Kamen Rider Gummi - Colorful Gummi
  • Chara Sleeping Bag
  • DX Hiden Zero-One Driver - A.I.M.S. Shot Driver
  • Kamen Rider Gummi - Orange flavor
  • Marudai Kamen Rider Zero-One fish sausage
  • DX Hiden Zero-One Driver - Attachecalibur
  • Ganbarizing Burst Rise 01
  • Kamen Rider Choco
  • DX Hiden Zero-One Driver - Form change
  • Zero-One sponsors
  • Myoujou Charumerara Barikata Hirose Suzu

Song Used[edit]



  • Berotha is probably named after Kujiberotha teruyukii. This is the scientific name for an instinct that went extinct.
  • There's no opening sequence in this episode. The episode title appears at the end of the episode instead of after the sponsor.
  • Giggling Land is kind of a play on the manager Netsu Mitsukuni's (根津光国) name. His name is a pun on "passion light land".
  • Aruto's closing phrase for his comedic act is a play on words that's hard to explain in other languages. It makes use of how his name is pronounced, since "Aruto" can be divided into "ある と" (aru to), which contains the japanese word for "exist". This, combined with the latter part of his phrase "じゃないと!" (ja nai to!), which contains the negative version of the word, can be interpreted as "It's not good if it's not Aruto".
  • In Aruto's flashback of his kid age, it turns out his father is not a real human, but a Humagear who bears the same face.
  • By placing an open Progrise Key at the rightmost side of an open Zero-One Driver, the center of the belt and the Progrise Key spell "01".
  • Zero-One fights the mantis enemy with mantis style.
  • The elderly couple in the audience are recurring background characters throughout the series.


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