Kamen Rider Geats 01

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Episode 01
Daybreak F: Invitation to be a Rider
Kamen Rider Geats episode
Writer Takahashi Yuya
Director Nakazawa Shojiro
Action Director Fujita Satoshi
Original air date September 4, 2022 (2022-09-04)
Viewership N/A
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Fan Rating 4.31 / 5
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Episode 02
Chance Meeting I: Treasure Hunt And Thieves
Episode List
Kamen Rider Geats
Daybreak F: Invitation to be a Rider
Ep 02 >
Aired with Avatarou Sentai DonBrothers 27

Important things that happened

  • On a snowy day at a shore, a young man (Ukiyo Ace) is approached by a young woman in a white coat (Tsumuri) who carries a yellow box. Revealing a device from the box, the woman congratulates him for being selected to be a Kamen Rider. The man claims to know already.
  • Sakurai Keiwa, a 22-year-old college graduate, is interviewed for an IT position by Taira Takahito. The interviewers are not impressed with his answers and as a result, he is rejected for the position. His older sister Sara takes him to his favorite tanuki soba shop to cheer him up.
  • Sara watches a livestream of Kurama Neon on Neon TV, who announces she will be running away from home. Neon is on the run from two bodyguards attempting to bring her back home.
  • A mysterious invisible wall flashes before Keiwa and Sara, keeping them apart from each other. Strange creatures (Pawn Jamato) are attacking people in the city.
  • Keiwa and Neon cross paths as they run away from the Jamato. They are saved by two Kamen Riders: Shirowe and Buffa.
    • A massive creature in the sky (Slug Fortress Jamato) hovers above Keiwa, Neon, and the two Riders. Shirowe is killed by the hovering creature while attempting to transform.
  • Arriving in the nick of time, Ukiyo Ace saves Neon from falling. He tells her and Keiwa that he will recreate the world after it ends.
  • Ace transforms into Kamen Rider Geats and single-handedly depletes the horde of Pawn Jamato, including the Slug Fortress Jamato.
  • Ace reveals to Keiwa that the Kamen Riders are involved in a game to recreate the world, which explains why Riders earn points for saving people and destroying Jamato.
  • Because he defeated the Slug Fortress Jamato, the world is reset into the form of Ace's ideal world. This reset reverses the deaths of citizens caused by the Jamato, erasing all of their memories of the Jamato's attack. Keiwa realizes his experiences from the Jamato's attack were not a dream, when he taps an ID Core from a box offered to him by Tsumuri.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Geats (仮面ライダーギーツ)

Kamen Rider Buffa (仮面ライダーバッファ)

Kamen Rider Shirowe (仮面ライダーシロー)

Raise Buckles & Weapons


Pawn Jamato

Pawn Jamato.jpg

Height: 203.7cm
Weight: 59.6kg
Characteristics/Powers: Fighting in a mob/Changes depending on the worldview (集団戦術/世界観に応じた変化)


Slug Fortress Jamato


Slug fortress jyamatostand.png

Height - 180.6m
Weight - 2300.0t
Features/Powers - Gigantic/Flying Fortress (超大型/飛行要塞)


Desire Grand Prix 1 End Result

  • Geats - WIN
  • Buffa - LOSE
  • Shirowe - LOSE (Killed by Slug Fortress Jamato)


  • Goutokuji Takeshi / Kamen Rider Shirowe - Kinjo Yamato 豪徳寺武 / 仮面ライダーシロー - 金城大和
  • Taira Takahito - Hasegawa Tomoharu 平孝人 / 仮面ライダーギンペン - 長谷川朝晴
  • Fukuoka Fukuo - Mister-chin 福岡福男 - ミスターちん
  • Ben - Michael K ベン - マイケル・K
  • John - Tom Constantine ジョン - トム・コンスタンタイン
  • Schoolgirl A - 竹内麗 女子高生A - 竹内麗
  • Schoolgirl B - 福島愛 女子高生B - 福島愛
  • Housewife - 根岸晴子 主婦 - 根岸晴子
  • Office worker - Kanzaki Hajime 会社員 - 神前元
  • Schoolgirl - Hayashimoto Nana 女子高生 - 林本奈々


  • Geats DX DesireDriver
  • Super Hero Time Intro
  • S-Do Geats
  • Marudai Kamen Rider Geats Fish Sausage
  • Kamen Rider Choco
  • Geats' 10 Forms
  • Ganbarizing Great Grand Prix 1
  • TV Magazine

Songs Used


DGP Rule


Once the Driver and ID Core is delivered, that's your one-way ticket to being a Kamen Rider.

There's no going back.


  • One of the schoolgirls is played by Hayashimoto Nana who is KR Aguilera's suit actress.
  • Kanzaki Hajime is a stunt actor. He also had a few guest roles as an actor.
  • Tom Constantine had cameo roles on a few Rider series before.
  • The 40X in Magnum Shooter 40X appears to be leet speak for "Fox".


Kamen Rider Geats 01 Transcript