Kamen Rider Geats 20

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Episode 20
Divergence IV: Jamato Delivery
Kamen Rider Geats episode
Writer Takahashi Yuya
Director Yamaguchi Kyouhei
Action Director Fujita Satoshi
Original air date January 29, 2023 (2023-01-29)
Viewership N/A
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Fan Rating 4.6 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 19
Divergence III: Vote! Who is the Dezastar!
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Episode 21
Divergence V: The Iron Hammer of Gazer
Episode List
Kamen Rider Geats
< Ep 19 Divergence IV: Jamato Delivery
Ep 21 >
Aired with Avatarou Sentai DonBrothers 46

Important things that happened


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Tycoon


Desire Grand Prix 4 Round 3 Ongoing

  • Geats
  • Tycoon
  • Nago
  • Lopo



  • Chirami (17-19) - Yamazaki Shigenori チラミ - 山崎樹範
  • Ganaha Sae / Kamen Rider Lopo (17-19) - Onuki Rina 我那覇冴 / 仮面ライダーロポ - 小貫莉奈
  • Archimedel (11-19) - Harumi Shihou アルキメデル - 春海四方
  • Ziin (16-19) - Suzuki Fuku ジーン - 鈴木福


  • Hirogaru Sky Precure Preview
  • Ganbarizing Gekiretsu Grand Prix 3

Songs Used



  • The Episode title is pun on Yamato Transport, one of the largest delivery services in Japan. Jamato is already a pun on Yamato anyway.
  • In the sponsor, they remark the Jamato are deliverymen of unhappiness, a contrast to Momoi Tarou from DonBrothers, who is a deliveryman of "happiness".
  • Beroba is based on Beroberobaa, the Japanese word for making a funny face while sticking one's tongue out.
  • Keiwa and his sister live at Garden Ishikoku (ガーデン石刻) run by Bunbu Realities (文武不動産). Bunbu means "literary and military arts".
  • At the end of the episode, Nirari faces South-Southeast and takes a bite out of an ehoumaki (essentially a large sushi roll). This is a seasonal reference to Setsubun, a minor holiday usually on February 2 or 3, where one faces that year's lucky direction and eats an entire ehoumaki, then throws dried beans around the house or at someone dressed up as an oni, saying "Oni out, luck in!" In 2023, the lucky direction was South-Southeast and the holiday fell on the Friday after the broadcast of this episode.


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