Kamen Rider Zero-One 44

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Episode 44
There's only one person who can stop you...
Kamen Rider Zero-One episode
Writer Takahashi Yuya
Director Sugihara Teruaki
Action Director Watanabe Jun
Original air date August 23, 2020 (2020-08-23)
Viewership N/A
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Fan Rating 4.67 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 43
That is a Heart
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Episode 45
Each One's Future
Episode List
Kamen Rider Zero-One
< Ep 43 There's only one person who can stop you...
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Aired with Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20

Important things that happened


Kamen Riders


KRZeroOneguest44 01.png
KRZeroOneguest44 02.png
KRZeroOneguest44 03.png
  • Humagear - Kinui Kaori ヒューマギア - 絹井カオリ
  • Humagear - Suzukawa Kotone ヒューマギア - 鈴川琴音
  • Humagear - Fernandez Naoyuki ヒューマギア - フェルナンデス直行
  • Humagear - Sayaka ヒューマギア - 紗也歌
  • Reporter - Hinaka Yasukage リポーター - 日中泰景
  • Cleaning Humagear - Tame Katsuhiro 清掃員ヒューマギア - 田米カツヒロ
  • Park worker Humagear - Fujiwara Tomoyuki 公園作業員ヒューマギア - 藤原智之
  • Cook Humagear - Angie コックヒューマギア - あんじー
  • Idol Humagear - Runacchi☆Hoshi アイドルヒューマギア - るなっち☆ほし
  • Yotagaki Williamson - Maruyama Tomomi 与多垣ウィリアムソン - 丸山智己



  • Healin' Good Precure Second ending theme CD
  • Healin' Good Precure DVD & Blu-ray
  • Goo-Net with Enako
  • Ganbarizing Burst Round 6

Song Used



  • Orthrus is a two-headed dog from Greek mythology. Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and forge, although he does have a Greek counterpart in Hephaestus.
    • The phrase that's said in the transformation is "Awakening the instincts of two beasts long lost" referring to the Japanese/Honshuu Wolf and the Hokkaido Wolf native Japanese wolf species, both extinct.
  • The "highest mountain of rock" mentioned in Ark-Scorpion's transformation is a reference to his suit actor Takaiwa Seiji, whose family name means "tall rock".


Kamen Rider Zero-One 44 Transcript