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Portrayed by: Taniguchi Masashi

Bahato is the main antagonist in the Kamen Rider Saber Short Movie.

Known as the Immortal Swordsman, Bahato was once sealed away for his destructive power. He reappears to wreak havoc in the real and Wonder Worlds, to end human conflict. He was defeated by Kamen Rider Saber Emotional Dragon.

Bahato returns in episode 34 to carry out his revenge on the human world. He and Yuuri were once comrades thousands of years prior to Bahato's imprisonment.

Kamen Rider Falchion


Using the Supreme Sword Bladriver with the Unsigned Blade Kyomu, Desast transforms into Kamen Rider Falchion.
Falchion is themed after a knight and phoenix.
Element is Kyomu (キョム) or nothingness.

Eternal Phoenix


KR Falchion Eternal Phoenix stand.png Eternal Phoenix Book.png

The jet-black blade returns to nothing.
First appearance: Kamen Rider Saber Short Movie: The Phoenix Swordsman & The Book of Destruction

Height 218.2cm Weight 108.7kg
Punch power 60.2t Kick power 94.2t
Jump power 97.4m 100m Dash 1.6s

Based on a phoenix.
Accessed by inserting the Eternal Phoenix Wonder Ride Book into the Supreme Sword Bladriver.
Falchion's default form.

  • Finisher(s) via Blaydriver:
  • Phoenix Peerless Slash (不死鳥無双斬り) - Slashes a corrupted wave and phoenix at the enemy.

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Supreme Sword Bladriver

  • Transformation device of Kamen Rider Falchion.
  • Used with the Unsigned Blade Kyomu to transform into Falchion.

Unsigned Blade Kyomu

  • The sword of Kamen Rider Falchion.
  • A sword that reduces everything it makes contact with, to nothingness.
  • Used with the Supreme Sword Bladriver to transform into Falchion.
  • Like any Holy Blade, Kyomu's Shingan Reader scans Wonder Ride Books to draw out their power.
  • First wielded by Bahato until his death in episode 38. Kyomu would then fall into Desast's possession, followed by Ren.
  • In episode 45, Kenzan uses Kyomu with Desast's Alter Ride Book to use Desast's Grudgedent against Lord of Wise Kuon.