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The major corporation in Kamen Rider Gaim.

A powerful conglomerate that has set up shop in Zawame City. Its presence makes the populace feel that they are living in a castle town rather than a bustling city.

Kureshima Takatora



Armored Rider Zangetsu
Played by Kubota Yuki (久保田悠来)
26 years old.
Mitsuzane's older brother and a major figure in the Yggdrasill Corporation which rule Zawame City.
A cold and ruthless realist, he will use any means to achieve his goals. However, he has a warm spot for his family, and will spoil Mitsuzane.

Kazuraba Akira


葛葉 晶

Played by Izumi Rika (泉 里香)
24 years old.
Kouta's older sister. Works as an OL in one of the companies affiliated with Yggdrasill Corporation. She does this to support her little brother, whom she always watches over.
She is protective of Kouta learning of his status as an Armored Rider, but she still understands that he has his own desires in life while advising him on how to best use his abilities for the good of others.

Lock Dealer Sid


錠前ディーラー シド

Played by Namioka Kazuki
Distributes the Lock Seeds to the Beat Riders. He's the one that makes the Inves Games possible.
He's in total cahoots with the Yggdrasill Corporation. It appears that Kureshima Takatora is his direct supervisor.
His name is probably a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of the word Seed. Shido(Sid) and Shiido(Seed).
Armored Rider Sigurd
When the Genesis Driver is completed, he becomes Armored Rider Sigurd. His first act is to kill Hase Ryouji who had become an Inves from eating Helheim fruit.

DJ Sagara



Played by Yamaguchi Tomomitsu
A popular Internet DJ. His show is the default place for keeping up to date with the Inves Games and the rankings for the Beat Riders.
It is later revealed that he is aligned with Yggdrasill Corporation. His purpose is to control the information and manipulate the news to Yggdrasill's favor.

Sengoku Ryouma



Played by Aoki Tsunenori
26 years old.
One of the head scientists overseeing the Helheim Forest project. He's the one who designed the Sengoku Drivers and the Genesis Drivers. A typical mad scientist, he cares very little about the side effects that his research has on the people of Zawame or the Beat Riders, who he treats as guinea pigs.
It's worth noting that his family name is pronounced the same as the Sengoku 戦国 Era which is one of the themes of the series. However, the second kanji is different, changing the meaning to "battle extremes".

Minato Youko



Armored Rider Malika
Played by Tsukui Minami
Apparently Ryouma's bodyguard.


  • The A in Yggdrasill forms the trunk of the logo's giant tree. Their base is Yggdrasill Tower which is a building shaped like a giant tree.
  • Yggdrasill has commercial/propaganda similar to Smart Brain's commercials in Faiz.
  • Apparently Yggdrasill's presence in the town has only been within the last 20 years. Before, it was a small town like any other found in Japan, but that all changed when Yggdrasill moved in.