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The Gamer Driver is the primary transformation device of the Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


Created by GENM Corporation in response to the proliferation of the Bugster virus, the Gamer Driver accesses the powers in video game cartridges known as Gashats and bestows them on it's wearer.


Depending on the number of Gashats inserted or the position of the lever, the Gamer Driver can transform a Rider into a variety of forms.

Level 1[edit]

A chibi-like form that is meant for the first stage of operations during which the feral form of the Bugster virus, still in development, is forcibly seperated from it's host. It is accessed by inserting a Gashat into the face of the Gamer Driver.

Level 2[edit]

The main form for most Riders, it is usually more humanoid-looking and used for the destruction of the final form of any given Bugster once it has been separated from it's host. It is accessed by pulling back the lever of the Gamer Driver to reveal the Rider's true form.

Level 3[edit]

A more powerful form that combines two games, and therefore requires inserting two different Gashats into the face of the Gamer Driver. It uses the original Level 2 form of the Rider as the base and overlays the secondary Gashat's abilities over it. This is usually presented as upper body armour, though in the case of Lazer it creates full body armour.

Stage Select[edit]

Sometimes a Rider will wish to fight on more advantageous ground or wish to be taken to the digital realm in which a Bugster is waiting, in which case the Stage Select feature on the belt can be used to access a world inside one of the games on the Gashat in question. This immediately teleports them, their opponents, and (sometimes) anyone in their immediate surroundings to a separate location.


Gashats are the cartridges that contain the forms of the heroes and worlds from each game which the Gamer Driver brings into reality.

List of Gashats[edit]

Mighty Action X[edit]

Used by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider GENM

A platforming/adventure game featuring a sporty character traversing a colorful landscape. When used, it generates a series of blocks that the Riders can jump on or break to access various power-ups.

Taddle Quest[edit]

Used by Kamen Rider Brave

A role-playing game. When used, it generates treasure chests that can be opened to access power-ups.


Used by Kamen Rider Snipe

A shooting game. When used, it generates barrels and various other objects that the Riders can hide behind and use as vantage points.

Bakusou Bike[edit]

Used by Kamen Rider Lazer

A no-holds barred racing game. When used in generates various obstacles and trophies that hide power-ups.


Used by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

A fighting game in a sci-fi setting where robots use their punches to determine who the strongest is.

DoReMiFa Beat[edit]

Used by Kamen Rider Brave

A rhythm game where a beat is shown to the player and they have to match it.


Used by Kamen Rider Lazer

A sword fighting game described as "the game where one hit decides life or death".