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3rd Reiwa Rider series
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Wolf Deadman

Wolf Deadman.png Wolf Proto Vistamp.png

User: Julio
Vistamp: Wolf Proto Vistamp (ウルフプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 200.7cm
Weight: 109.3kg
Characteristics/Powers: Shoot/Agility (銃撃/俊敏性)

Wolf Deadman Riot

ウルフ・デッドマン ライオット
Wolf Deadman Riot.png

User: Julio
Vistamp: Wolf Proto Vistamp (ウルフプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 200.7cm
Weight: 123.6kg
Characteristics/Power: Giant Fireball/Viciousness/Quick-witted (巨大火球/凶暴性/俊敏性)

Daiouika Deadman

Giant Squid Deadman ダイオウイカ・デッドマン
Daiouika Deadman.png Daiouika Proto Vistamp.png

User: Orteka
Vistamp: Daiouika Proto Vistamp (ダイオウイカプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 222.7cm
Weight: 119.1kg
Characteristics/Powers: Tentacles/Blades/Shield/Bombs (触手/剣/盾/爆弾)

Queen Bee Deadman Phase 3

クイーンビー・デッドマン フェーズ3
Queen Bee Deadman Phase 3.png Queen Bee Proto Vistamp.png

User: Aguillera
Vistamp: Queen Bee Proto Vistamp (クイーンビープロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 193.5cm
Weight: 82.1kg
Characteristics/Power: Leadership/Poison stinger/Flight (統率力/毒針/飛行)


Batta Deadman

Batta Deadman.png

Vistamp: Batta Proto Vistamp (バッタプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 221.0cm
Weight: 76.2kg
Characteristics/Powers: Jumping (跳躍力)

Mammoth Deadman

Mammoth Deadman.png Mammoth Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Mammoth Proto Vistamp (マンモスプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 206.6cm
Weight: 131.5kg
Characteristics/Powers: Trunk/Tusk/Charging (鼻/牙/突進)

Rex Deadman

Rex Deadman.png Rex Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Rex Vistamp (レックスバイスタンプ)
Height: 213.7cm
Weight: 130.2kg
Characteristics/Powers: Jaw/Fangs/Tail (顎/牙/尻尾)

Kamakiri Deadman

Praying Mantis Deadman カマキリ・デッドマン
Kamakiri Deadman.png Kamakiri Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Kamakiri Proto Vistamp (カマキリプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 192.2cm
Weight: 86.7kg
Characteristics/Powers: Scythes (鎌)

Megalodon Deadman

Megalodon Deadman.png Megalodon Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Megalodon Proto Vistamp (メガロドンプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 212.7cm
Weight: 126.2kg
Characteristics/Powers: Teeth/Amphibious (歯/両生)

Kong Deadman

Kong Deadman.png

Vistamp: Kong Proto Vistamp (コングプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 198.8cm
Weight: 128.8kg
Characteristics/Powers: Punching/Strong Arms (パンチ力/頑丈な腕)

Kong Deadman Phase 2

コング・デッドマン フェーズ2
Kong Deadman Phase 2.png

Contract holder: Okatani Ayaka
Vistamp: Kong Proto Vistamp (コングプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 197.9cm
Weight: 88.4kg
Characteristics/Powers: Punch power/Leaping (パンチ力/跳躍力)

Lion Deadman

Lion Deadman.png

Vistamp: Lion Proto Vistamp (ライオンプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 214.0cm
Weight: 118.9kg
Characteristics/Powers: Flame manipulation/Cloning (火炎操作/分身)

Kangaroo Deadman

Kangaroo Deadman.png Kangaroo Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Kangaroo Proto Vistamp (カンガループロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 222.2cm
Weight: 107.5kg
Characteristics/Powers: Punching/Leaping/Bombs (パンチ力/跳躍力/爆弾)

Cheetah Deadman Phase 2

チーター・デッドマン フェーズ2
Cheetah Deadman Phase 2.png Cheetah Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Cheetah Proto Vistamp (チータープロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 200.8cm
Weight: 86.5kg
Characteristics/Powers: Power sprinting/Take off in a flash (強走力/超瞬発力)

Brachio Deadman

Brachio Deadman.png Brachio Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Brachio Proto Vistamp (ブラキオプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 216.2cm
Weight: 141.6kg
Characteristics/Power: Charging/Weapon attacks (突進力/武装による攻撃)

Brachio Deadman (Type-Union)

Brachio Deadman (Type-Union).png Brachio Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Brachio Proto Vistamp (ブラキオプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 222.9cm
Weight: 168.2kg
Characteristics/Power: Charging/Weapon attacks/Combining (突進力/武装による攻撃/合体)

Planarian Deadman

Planarian Deadman.png Planarian Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Planarian Proto Vistamp (プラナリアプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 210.2cm
Weight: 100.3kg
Characteristics/Power: Regeneration/Tail (再生能力/尻尾)

Planarian Deadman Phase 2

プラナリア・デッドマン フェーズ2
Planarian Deadman Phase 2.png Planarian Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Planarian Proto Vistamp (プラナリアプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 199.0cm
Weight: 93.5kg
Characteristics/Power: Extreme regeneration/Arming oneself (超再生能力/自己武装化)

Chameleon Deadman Phase 2

カメレオン・デッドマン フェーズ2
Chameleon Deadman Phase 2.png Chameleon Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Chameleon Proto Vistamp (カメレオンプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 196.6cm
Weight: 106.1kg
Characteristics/Power: Form change/Protective camouflage (形態変化/保護色)

Saber Tiger Deadman Phase 2

サーベルタイガー・デッドマン フェーズ2
Saber Tiger Deadman Phase 2.png Saber Tiger Proto Vistamp.png

User: Kudou Yasushi
Vistamp: Saber Tiger Proto Vistamp (サーベルタイガープロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 206.9cm
Weight: 113.5kg
Characteristics/Power: Fang/Bewitching (牙/幻惑)

Shark Deadman

Shark Deadman.png Shark Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Shark Proto Vistamp (シャークプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 204.5cm
Weight: 127.7kg
Characteristics/Powers: Sharp Fin/Amphibious (鋭利なヒレ/両生)

Elephant Deadman

Elephant Deadman.png Elephant Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Elephant Proto Vistamp (エレファントプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 208.1cm
Weight: 128.1kg
Characteristics/Powers: Wind Blast/Charge (突風/突進)

Anomalocaris Deadman

Anomalocaris Deadman.png

Vistamp: Anomalocaris Vistamp (アノマロカリスバイスタンプ)
Height: 222.7cm
Weight: 152.6kg
Characteristics/Powers: Mending/Tentacles/Sword/Shield/Explosives (修復能力/触手/剣/盾/爆発物)

Rafflesia Deadman

Rafflesia Deadman.png Rafflesia Proto Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Rafflesia Proto Vistamp (ラフレシアプロトバイスタンプ)
Height: 214.6cm
Weight: 133.8kg
Characteristics/Powers: Stink (悪臭)



Vistamp: N/A
Height: 196.9cm
Weight: 88.5kg
Characteristics/Powers: The Ability to Manifest Power Stamps (バイスタンプ能力の顕現化)


Giff Junior

Giff Junior.png Giff Junior Vistamp.png

Vistamp: Giff Junior Vistamp (ギフジュニアバイスタンプ)
Height: 199.2cm
Weight: 64.1kg
Characteristics/Powers: Working in a group (集団行動)


Gifftarian.png Giff Stamp.png

Vistamp: Giff Stamp (ギフスタンプ)
Height: 214.4cm
Weight: 109.2kg
Characteristics/Power: Sword/Fighting (剣/格闘)

Gifftarian True

Gifftarian True.png Giff Stamp.png

Vistamp: Giff Stamp (ギフスタンプ)
Height: 214.4cm
Weight: 112.8kg
Characteristics/Powers: Sword/Fighting (剣/格闘)

Giff Demos (Mikoshiba Akemi)

Giff Demos (Mikoshiba Akemi).png

User: Mikoshiba Akemi
Vistamp: N/A
Height: 193.7cm
Weight: 86.3kg
Characteristics/Powers: Sword/Shockwave/Hand-to-hand fighting (剣/衝撃波/格闘)

Hell Gifftarian

Hell Gifftarian.png

Vistamp: N/A
Height: 206.1cm
Weight: 142.4kg
Characteristics/Powers: Brawling/Super regeneration (格闘/超修復能力)

Giff Demos (Akaishi Hideo)

Giff Demos (Akaishi Hideo).png

User: Akaishi Hideo
Vistamp: N/A
Height: 218.0cm
Weight: 160.9kg
Characteristics/Powers: Brawling/Sonic Wave/Super Regeneration (格闘/衝撃波/超修復能力)

Giga Demos

Giga Demos.png

User: Akaishi Hideo
Vistamp: N/A
Height: 218.0cm
Weight: 186.2kg
Characteristics/Powers: Brawling/Sonic Waves (格闘/衝撃波)



Vistamp: N/A
Height: 223.1cm
Weight: 136.2kg
Characteristics/Powers: Unknown (不明)

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