Yaiba Yua

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Born N.E. April 18, 1995 (1995-04-18) (24 years old)

Height 170cm

Portrayed by Igeta Hiroe

The weapons consultant for A.I.M.S.


  • Yaiba means "blade"
  • Valkyrie are female figures from Norse myth.

Kamen Rider Valkyrie[edit]


She transforms using the A.I.M.S. Shotriser

Rushing Cheetah[edit]


Valkyrie's base form.

Valkyrierushingcheetahstand.png Key rushing cheetah.png

Try to outrun this demon to get left in the dust
First appearance: Ep 3

Height 187.8cm Weight 90.6kg
Punch power 11.0t Kick power 28.5t
Jump power 19.2m 100m Dash 2.1s

Lightning Hornet[edit]


Valkyrielightninghornetstand.png Key lightning hornet.png

Piercing needle with incredible force
First appearance: Ep 6

Height 196.0cm Weight 89.0kg
Punch power 9.7t Kick power 20.0t
Jump power 28.1m 100m Dash 4.0s

Fighting Jackal Raider[edit]

Fighting Jackal Raider.png First appearance: Ep 28