Kamen Rider Jeanne & Aguilera with Girls Remix 3

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仮面ライダージャンヌ&アギレラ withガールズリミックス

A three-part spin-of of Kamen Rider Revice. Streamed September 11, 2022 (2022-09-11).

Kamen Rider Revice
< Remix 2 Kamen Rider Jeanne & Aguilera with Girls Remix 3
Aired along with Kamen Rider Geats 02

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Suit Actors


  • Tsukuyomi performs Tokiwa Sougo's hand pose and Myoukouin Geiz's hand pose.
  • Kanon does not transform in this special following her previous appearance, due to Makoto apparently confiscating her Eyecon.
  • Poppy performs Emu's signature hand gesture as well as Kuroto's zombie pose.
  • Akiko calls Lovecov a Tsuchinoko, a mythical chubby snake.
  • Zero-Two does a version of Aruto's "The only one who can stop you..." line.