Kamen Rider Zero-One 10

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Episode 10
I am the Actor Oowada Shinya
Kamen Rider Zero-One episode
Writer Kakehi Masaya
Director Nakazawa Shoujirou
Action Director Watanabe Jun
Original air date November 10, 2019 (2019-11-10)
Viewership 3.0%
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Fan Rating 4.63 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 09
Put That Life in Their Hands
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Episode 11
Don't Stop the Camera, Stop Him!
Episode List
Kamen Rider Zero-One
< Ep 09 I am the Actor Oowada Shinya
Ep 11 >
Aired with Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 33

Important things that happened[edit]


Kamen Riders[edit]


Dodo Magear[edit]

Dodo Magear.pngKey dodo.png

Target Humagear Name / Profession: Assassin-chan
Played by: Matsumura Ryunosuke (松村龍之介)
Height: 191.3cm
Weight: 108.5kg
Characteristics: Extinct bird species/Fighting/Swords



KRZeroOneguest10 01.png
KRZeroOneguest10 02.png


  • Assassin-chan - Matsumura Ryunosuke 暗殺特化ヒューマギア(暗殺ちゃん) - 松村龍之介
  • Amatsu Gai - Sakuragi Nachi 天津垓 - 桜木那智


  • Zero-One Junction
  • Pocket Monster Sword/Shield
  • G Generations Cross Rays
  • Kumon English
  • Nintendo Switch Ninja Box
  • Nintendo Switch Tsuri Spirits
  • Doraemon
  • Ganbarizing Burst Rise 2
  • Kamen Rider Reiwa the First Generation

Song Used[edit]



  • Looks like a mistake was made between overlapping text, so that the title for the episode didn't display. Instead, it showed the text for the location, "ZAIA Enterprise Japan".
    • Assassin-chan is nicknamed An-chan, which is short for Ansatsu/assassinate.
  • Giri means "duty". Enji is the first part of "enjiru" which means means "to act". Nezumi means "rat".

Actor Trivia[edit]

  • Oowada Shinya voiced the villain in the Shinkenger movie and also appeared in the drama Yabe Kenzou 2 which features a lot of toku actors.
  • Sakimoto Hiromi guested on TimeRanger, Guyferd, OhRanger and a few other toku shows. He's probably most known for his semi-regular role as Sumii Yuuya on Kamen Rider Gaim.
  • Fujita Haruka is listed on her profile as being in Zi-O, but maybe they mean Zero-One?


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