Kamen Rider Zero-One 11

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Episode 11
Don't Stop the Camera, Stop Him!
Kamen Rider Zero-One episode
Writer Kakehi Masaya
Director Nakazawa Shojiro
Action Director Watanabe Jun
Original air date November 17, 2019 (2019-11-17)
Viewership 2.9%
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Fan Rating 4.5 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 10
I am the Actor Oowada Shinya
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Episode 12
Here Comes the Great Detective
Episode List
Kamen Rider Zero-One
< Ep 10 Don't Stop the Camera, Stop Him!
Ep 12 >
Aired with Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 34

Important things that happened


Kamen Riders



Dodo Magear Revised

Dodo Magear Revised.png

Target Humagear Name / Profession: Assassin-chan
Played by: Matsumura Ryunosuke (松村龍之介)
Height: 191.3cm
Weight: 107.5kg
Characteristics: Extinct bird species/Fighting/Sword/Gunfire


Arsino Magear

Arsino Magear.pngKey arsino.png

Target Humagear Name / Profession: Matsuda Enji/Actor
Played by: Sakimoto Hiromi (崎本大海)
Height: 212.8cm
Weight: 138.9kg
Characteristics: Extinct rhino-like species Arsinoitherium/Horns/Strength



KRZeroOneguest10 01.png
KRZeroOneguest10 02.png
  • As himself - Oowada Shinya 本人役 - 大和田伸也
  • Matsuda Enji - Sakimoto Hiromi 松田エンジ - 崎本大海
  • Director - Ikki 監督 - イッキ
  • Assistant Director - Maeta Koushirou 助監督 - 前多航史郎
  • Detective - Hirako Satoru 刑事 - 平子悟
  • Filming staff Humagear - Fujita Haruka 撮影スタッフヒューマギア - 藤田春花



  • Cup Noodle - Mystery meat
  • Nintendo Switch Pocket Monster Sword/Shield
  • Dominos Pizza Quattro Angus Beef
  • Kamen Rider movie double dash hero
  • Amazon Prime Jack Ryan

Song Used



  • The profile for Oowada Shinya in the show is fictional. It uses a flipped version of the photo on his Horipro Profile, but lists his birthday as April 8 N.E.1948. He was actually born October 25, 1947 (1947-10-25). It also lists his height as 176 cm (only 175 cm in real life), weight 68 kg, and three sizes 100-95-97. The only thing in common is that both profiles list his special skill as being iai or sword-drawing. In real life he's a level 3 in the Musoushinden style. The list of dramas and movies are also fake.
  • Enji is short for Enjiru/to act. But when pronounce, it sounds like NG or No Good.
  • Though he's been in the series for a few episodes already, this is the viewer's first time learning that the CEO of ZAIA is named Amatsu Gai.

Actor Trivia

  • Oowada Shinya voiced the villain in the Shinkenger movie and also appeared in the drama Yabe Kenzou 2 which features a lot of toku actors.
  • Sakimoto Hiromi guested on TimeRanger, Guyferd, OhRanger and a few other toku shows. He's probably most known for his semi-regular role as Sumii Yuuya on Kamen Rider Gaim.
  • Fujita Haruka is listed on her profile as being in Zi-O, but maybe they mean Zero-One?


Kamen Rider Zero-One 11 Transcript