Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle DVD

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TV-kun Hyper Battle DVD (てれびくん超バトルDVD)

仮面ライダーゼロワン カンガルーからナニが飛び出す?ソンナの自分でカンガルー!はい、或人じゃないと!!

Released February 2020




  • The HumagearHuman comedy combi are real life comedians called The Mommy.
    • Japanese comedy duos tend to have a straight man and a boke or funny man/banana man.
    • Boketarou is a combination of boke (funny man) and tarou, an ordinary Japanese name
  • This special was written by Kakehi Masaya. The first few episodes he wrote for the TV series also featured Vicarya, Onycho, and Gaeru Magear.