Kamen Rider Saber 21

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Episode 21
Shine Most Prodigiously in Full Color.
Kamen Rider Saber episode
Writer Hasegawa Keiichi
Director Sugihara Teruaki
Action Director Watanabe Jun
Original air date February 7, 2021 (2021-02-07)
Viewership N/A
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Fan Rating 4.07 / 5
Episode chronology
← Previous
Episode 20
Crumbling Castle, Will of the Sword.
Next →
Episode 22
I Still Want to Save People.
Episode List
Kamen Rider Saber
< Ep 20 Shine Most Prodigiously in Full Color.
Ep 22 >
Aired with Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 42

Important things that happened


Kamen Riders

CM Break

Book A Description Japanese Book B Description Japanese
Wonder World Story Powerful Blade of Light Saikou
(Divine Beasts)
The legendary children's story about a shining weapon
and the swordman chosen by the Powerful Blade of Light
(Divine Beasts)
Episode 1 Fight with all colors
Episode 2 My all in my arm
Episode 3 My all in my leg
エピソード1 すべての色で戦え
エピソード2 俺の全ては腕に行く
エピソード3 俺の全ては脚に行く


Charybdis Megiddo

Charybdis Megiddo.pngCharybdis Book.png

Voiced by: N/A
Alter Ride Book: Charybdis (カリュブディス)
Height: 198.9cm
Weight: 113.5kg
Characteristics/Power: Kirbying up abilities



KRSaberguest21 01.png
KRSaberguest21 02.png
  • Imoto Mami - MIO 伊本マミ - MIO
  • Imoto Remi - YAE 伊本レミ - YAE
  • Daishinji's Grandfather - Kurita Yoshihiro 大秦寺の祖父 - 栗田芳宏
  • Young Daishinji - Fukushima Eita 幼い大秦寺 - 福島永大
  • Wife of missing man - Fukikoshi Tomomi 失踪者の妻 - 吹越ともみ


  • Shindai Reika - Angela Mei 神代玲花 - アンジェラ芽衣
  • Yuuri / Kamen Rider Saikou - Ichikawa Tomohiro ユーリ / 仮面ライダー最光 - 市川知宏


  • Saber Junction
  • Miracle 9
  • Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D World + Fury World
  • Pocket Monster Exciting New Semester series with Fujita Ray, Ishida Shun, and Ikeuchi Risa
  • McDonalds Happy Set Police x Warriors Love Patrina
  • Zero-One Others MetsubouJinrai
  • Saber Saikou Driver X-Swordman version
  • Kiramager Junction

Songs Used

ALMIGHTY~Kamen no Yakusoku
Kamen Rider Saber


  • Charybdis is a monster from Greek myth. It's a sea monster that's said to be based on a whirlpool.
  • Saikou X Sword Man is named after the title name of the comic that Yuuri disliked on episode 17.


Kamen Rider Saber 21 Transcript