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Episode 01
The Mage with the Rings
Kamen Rider Wizard episode
Writer Kida Tsuyoshi
Director Nakazawa Shojiro
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date September 2, 2012 (2012-09-02)
Viewership 7.1%
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Episode 02
I Want to be a Mage
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Kamen Rider Wizard
The Mage with the Rings
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Aired with Go-Busters Mission 28

Important things that happened

  • Plamonster Garuda notifies Haruto that it found something. Haruto is eating a doughnut from "Hungry Doughnuts".
  • The police surround a building and enter, only to find oni/devil-looking monsters are attacking the workers there. They fire, but of course the bullets have no effect.
  • Haruto bursts in through the factory wall, knocking over some grunts along the way. He transforms into Wizard. He defeats the grunts, but Phantom Minotauros gets away. Rinko sees him perform magic and introduces herself to him.
  • Minotauros reports his failure to Phantom Phoenix and Phantom Medusa. Medusa reminds Minotauros that it's their job to create new Phantoms so that Wiseman (Wizard) can open a Sabbath.
  • Haruto explains that the Phantoms are after humans with high levels of magic powers, known as Gates. He also explains that he can use magic because he has a Phantom in his body.
  • Haruto tries to convince Rinko to leave the fighting to magic users. Rinko responds by saying she envies magic users, since they can use magic to do whatever they want, they probably have nothing to despair over. This triggers a flashback in Haruto where he sees people turning into demons.
  • It turns out that Rinko is the Gate. The Phantom crushes her photo of her father to try to make her give into despair, thus creating a new Phantom, but Haruto reaches them in time.
  • In battle, Wizard changes to his Land Style and Hurricane Style.
  • To save Rinko, Wizard goes into the world of her mind, the Underworld, and fights the mass of magic within her. After defeating it, Rinko is no longer a Gate, so she won't be attacked again.

TV Asahi site
Toei site
Kamen Rider Official site

Kamen Riders


  • Garuda
  • Unicorn & Kraken



Phantom Ghul.jpg

Height: 190cm
Weight: 110kg
Characteristics/Powers: 人間を超えたパワーと頑強な身体
  • Have prominent demon horns and show up in great numbers. They are initially rocks until thrown on the ground.

TV Asahi site

Phantom Minotauros

Fantomu Minotaurosu ファントムミノタウロス
Phantom Minotauros.jpg PhantomAmino.jpg

Human form: Amino (網野)
Played by: RIKIYA
Height: 227cm
Weight: 185kg
Characteristics/Powers: 怪力から繰り出される斧攻撃、火炎弾を放つ
  • Ami means "net" in Japanese. It's a trap? Was a cop before he died and became Phantom Minotauros.

TV Asahi site


Daimon Rinko (大門凛子)

Played by: Takayama Yuko
Underworld: Rinko's photo of her father.

Phantom Jabberwock

Fantomu Jabawokku ファントムジャバウォック
Phantom Jabberwock.jpg

Height: 1,430cm
Weight: 460kg
Characteristics/Powers: 優れた飛行能力、口から放たれる高熱の炎、翼と脚に備えた鉤爪
  • The Phantom within Rinko. If it had escaped, would Rinko have become Phantom Jabberwock?

TV Asahi site


Song Used



  • Wizard's stunt actor is Takaiwa Seiji. In addition to playing most of the Heisei Riders, he was also the stunt actor of MagiRed in Mahou Sentai MagiRanger. It looks like he still remembers how to flap a cape. The main commander in this episode appears to be Phantom Phoenix too, phoenix being MagiRed's beast.
  • They only refer to Haruto's magic user form as Wizard so far. No "Kamen Rider" in the name yet.
  • Wizard shoots silver bullets, which apparently are effective. Maybe Rinko should get herself some of those for her gun.
  • Misa talks about a Wiseman and a Sabbath. Misa means "mass" in Japanese. A Black Mass is said to be held on the Witch's Sabbath. Medusa also turns into Misa specifically to say this line, so it's probably no coincidence.
  • The TV Asahi webpage seems to imply that the Drago Rise Ring releases the Phantom that's within Haruto. He uses this to fight in Underworld. If this is a Phantom that only lives inside Haruto, then it makes sense for it to be effective when fighting inside someone. Does this mean that Haruto's Phantom is the Phantom Dragon?
  • In Koyomi's profile pic on the TV Asahi website, it shows that she has an Engage Ring already. She wears one in show. And Rinko also is still wearing hers at the end of the episode, even after Wizard leaves. If they're no longer Gates, it seems strange for him to leave the rings. Perhaps the Engage Ring cannot be removed once a person puts it on?
  • The TV Asahi webpage lists all the Rings that Haruto used so far except for the Small Ring. Maybe it lists the rings that he uses as Wizard but when he uses them as Haruto.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Kida Tsuyoshi (きだつよし)
Director: Nakazawa Shojiro (中澤祥次郎)
Music: Nakagawa Koutarou (中川幸太郎)
Cinematographer: Matsumura Fumio (松村文雄)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Ishigaki Hirofumi (石垣広文)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田洋)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)


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