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Episode 01
Best Match Guys
Kamen Rider Build episode
Writer Muto Shogo
Director Tasaki Ryuta
Action Director Miyazaki Takeshi
Original air date September 3, 2017 (2017-09-03)
Viewership 4.7%
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Fan Rating 4.20 / 5
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Episode 02
The Innocent Runaway
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Kamen Rider Build
Best Match Guys
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Aired with KyuuRanger Space.28

Important things that happened

  • 10 years ago, a space probe from Japan was deployed to Mars, where an astronaut discovered the Pandora Box and brought it back to Japan. A ceremony was held by Kiwami Project to celebrate the discovery of this mysterious object. However, just as the Kiwami Project were about to announce the results of their research, an unidentified member of the project rushed to make physical contact with the Pandora Box. This action gave rise to a massive wall from underground known as the Skywall, which divided Japan into three capitals: Touto, Hokuto, and Seito.
  • Freelance journalist Takigawa Sawa is saved from the Needle Smash by the hero of Touto, Kamen Rider Build.
  • Kiryuu Sento is a genius physicist with no memory of his past. He lives with Isurugi Souichi and Souichi's daughter, Misora in Caffé Nascita, a cafe that Souichi owns in Touto. Through the fridge in the café leads to a secret lab that Sento uses as his base of operations. He uses this lab to track down Smash and produce Full Bottles with Misora's help. Using his expertise in science, Sento works as a researcher at the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics to pay the rent he owes Souichi. Despite his amnesia, Sento recalls tidbits of being experimented on in a tank of green liquid while being observed by a mysterious man in a suit of armor wearing a bat-like mask (Night Rogue).
    • As a researcher at the Touto Institute, Sento is tasked with analyzing the contents of the Pandora Box.
  • Banjou Ryuuga, a 23-year-old former boxer who escaped from prison, is on the run from Touto's Guardians. According to a news report, Banjou is a suspect in the murder of Katsuragi Takumi that occurred a year ago and was supposed to be sentenced to 10 years in prison. Like Sento, Katsuragi was also a researcher at the Touto Institute.
  • Sento confronts Banjou, who Souichi suspects could be connected to the Smash experiments. Banjou claims he did not kill anyone and that he's getting away from being used for human experimentation. Banjou reveals to have done labor work as part of his sentence for Katsuragi Takumi's murder, but was drugged by a security officer and taken to where he was experimented on by scientists wearing gas masks. Banjou's experience reminds Sento of his own that resulted in his amnesia. Sento and Banjou are suddenly attacked by the Strong Smash.
  • Sento transforms into Kamen Rider Build and defeats the Strong Smash. He reverts the Smash back into a man that was used for experimentation, but the man does not remember anything.
  • Build helps Banjou escape from the Guardians led by Touto government. As a result, Build is now a wanted fugitive.


Kamen Riders

Full Bottles


Needle Smash

Needle Smash.png

Human form: Test subject (実験体)
Played by: Okada Kazuya
Height: 205.0cm
Weight: 110.3kg
Characteristics/Powers: 鋭い爪、腕部の刃


Strong Smash

Strong Smash.png

Human form: Shimizu Kyouichi (志水恭一)
Played by: Yamazaki Shohei
Height: 204.0cm
Weight: 142.0kg
Characteristics/Powers: 格闘攻撃


Guardian (Touto Version)

Guardian (Touto Version).png

Human form: N/A
Played by: N/A
Height: 188.0cm
Weight: 103.0kg
Characteristics/Powers: 集団戦闘



  • Katsuragi Shinobu - Kokubo Jouji 葛城忍 - 小久保丈二
  • Utsumi Nariaki - Ochi Yuki 内海成彰 - 越智友己
  • Tajimi Yoshiko (Hokuto Prime Minister) - Gi Ryoko 多治見喜子 - 魏涼子
  • Midou Masakuni (Seito Prime Minister) - Fuke Norimasa 御堂正邦 - 冨家規政
  • Nabeshima Masahiro - Ichi Omiya 鍋島正弘 - 市オオミヤ
  • Kawai Eita - Honjyo Tsukasa 河合栄多 - 本庄司
  • Shimizu Kyouichi - Yamazaki Shohei 志水恭一 - 山崎将平
  • Announcer - Matsuki Kenya アナウンサー - 松木研也


  • Final Fantasy XV: Arata Naru Oukoku Takei Emi

Song Used

Be The One


  • The Mars exploration vessel is called Kiwami (Extreme).
  • Touching the Pandora's Box causes a Skywall to appear that splits Japan into three countries:
    • Hokuto (Northern Capital 北都) which focuses on social welfare.
    • Seito (Western Capital 西都) which focuses on restoring the economy.
    • Touto (Eastern Capital 東都) which focuses on pacifism.
    • The names of the new capitals are based on the different directions, and the kanji for to/capital. It's the same "to" that's in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. Touto can be seen as an amalgamation between Tokyo and Kyoto. In fact, Tokyo literally means "the eastern capital".
  • The splitting of one country into three different capitals is a reference to the Chinese history, Three Kingdoms (三国時代).
  • The episode number is 1010^0 which equals "1".
  • Nascita is Italian for "Birth".
  • Sento has amnesia who doesn't remember his own past like Tsugami Shouichi in Agito and Kadoya Tsukasa in Decade.

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