Kamen Rider Wizard 13

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Episode 13
The One to Inherit the Dream
Kamen Rider Wizard episode
Writer Komura Junko
Director Tasaki Ryuta
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date December 2, 2012 (2012-12-02)
Viewership 6.4%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 12
The Japanese Confectionery, Hope
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Episode 14
The Movie Director Returns
Episode List
Kamen Rider Wizard
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Aired with Go-Busters Mission 41
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Important things that happened

  • Haruto saves Shunpei by creating a tornado to cushion his fall.
  • Medusa surmise that even though Matsukian is going to go under he isn't falling into despair.
  • Matsuki goes to Bairindou to ask him to take Tetsuya in which he needs to make a suitable manju to get the job. He tells Haruto and Koyomi that as Tetsuya is able to work as a manju maker and be able to reproduce his flavors, he will be happy. Medusa overhears this and gets into a fight with Haruto. She is able to defeat him and leaves.
  • Shunpei tries to get the Matsukian business back but Tetsuya tells him to stop. He tells Tetsuya about his dream of becoming a mage and unable to do so. This convinces Tetsuya to make the Hope manju.
  • Haruto and Matsuki finds Tetsuya as he finishes the Hope manju which Tetsuya tells him to take it to Bairindou but Valkyrie shows up to kill him.
  • Shunpei overhears the battle between Haruto and Tetsuya and manages to arrive just as the last manju was to be destroyed. He saves the last manju and takes Tetsuya away as Haruto defeats Valkyrie using the power of Hurricane Dragon.
  • Matsukian is closed down and Tetsuya now works at Bairindou but they are happy. Haruto finally accepts Shunpei as his assistant even though Shunpei had no idea why he saved the final manju.

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Kamen Riders


  • Land
    • Defend - Creates multiple walls to block Medusa's snake attack.
  • Water
    • Liquid - Used to escape Medusa's snakes.
  • Hurricane Dragon
    • Special - It gives you wings.
    • Small - Used to avoid an obstacle while flying.
    • Thunder - It creates a hurricane of thunder that defeats Valkyrie.


Phantom Valkyrie

Fantomu Varukiri ファントムヴァルキリー
Phantom Valkyrie.jpg PhantomKiritaniRyouya.jpg

Human form: Kiritani Ryouya (桐谷亮弥)
Played by: Sugibayashi Isao
Height: 232cm
Weight: 170kg
Characteristics/Powers: 優れた槍術、飛行能力
  • Works as the snack manager of Narushima Department Store. As Phantom Valkyrie, he can fly and emit green energy bolts from his head. He wields a short spear in combat.
  • Kiritani's name is a hint that he's Valkyrie. Tani in Japanese means "Valley". Valley+kiri = Valkyrie.

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Matsuki Shouzou (松木昭造)

Played by: Suwa Tarou
Underworld: N/A

Phantom Medusa

Fantomu Medyusa ファントムメデューサ
Phantom Medusa.jpg PhantomMisa.png

Human form: Misa (ミサ)
Played by: Nakayama Erina
Height: 218cm
Weight: 151kg
Characteristics/Powers: 魔力を吸い取る蛇を操る
  • She can summon a staff with a single snake around it. Possibly the Rod of Asclepius? Since both the staff and Medusa are Greek in origin, it's a possibility. However, Asclepius is associated with healing, so that might disprove this theory.
  • She has shoulder pads just like Phoenix's, except the eyes on her pads are red instead of green. The fact that she and Phoenix also wear matching armlets probably makes this not a coincidence.

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  • Inagaki Tetsuya - Ishida Takuya 稲垣徹也 - 石田卓也
  • Matsuki Shouzou - Suwa Tarou 松木昭造 - 諏訪太朗
  • Kiritani Ryouya - Sugibayashi Isao 桐谷亮弥 - 杉林 功
  • Restaurant mistress - Enjyou Aya 料亭の女将 - 円城寺あや
  • 梅林堂店主 - 針原滋

Songs Used


  • The final hope is literally the final hope manju in this episode. Did they set up that phrase all this time for this one joke?!
  • Medusa completely defeats Haruto and just leaves.
  • Matsuki must really think highly of the Bairindou shop. They're the ones he asked to cover for him at the restaurant when the delivery was destroyed. And in this episode, he asked them to take Tetsuya in.
  • This is the first episode where all four of the base forms were used in the same episode.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Komura Junko (香村純子)
Director: Tasaki Ryuta (田崎竜太)
Music: Nakagawa Koutarou (中川幸太郎)
Cinematographer: Kikuchi Wataru (菊池亘)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Ishigaki Hirofumi (石垣広文)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田洋)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)


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