Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters THE MOVIE: Protect the Tokyo Enetower!

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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters THE MOVIE: Protect the Tokyo Enetower!
特命戦隊ゴーバスターズ THE MOVIE 東京エネタワーを守れ!
Go-Busters Movie Blu-ray.jpg
Director Shibasaki Takayuki
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Composer Oohashi Megumi
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) August 4, 2012 (2012-08-04)
December 7, 2012 (2012-12-07) (Retail)
Running time 27 minutes
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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
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The Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters 2012 summer movie.


Enter tries to use Tokyo's Enetower to transport the area all around it to the subdimension. The Go-Busters must stop him, but their Buddyroids are all rusted up! Will their new friend Enetan and new Buster Machine Frog be enough to stop Enter and the ace that he has up his sleeve?!


Enter's Disguise

Factory worker
Hard hat and everything!


Voiced by: Kusunoki Taiten 楠大典
Metavirus: SABIRU 錆びる (To rust)
Number: K-10

On his right shoulder he has the number K-10 on it. He's obsessed with work.

Megazord Epsilon

Megazord ɛ (イプシロン)

Enter's personal Megazord that first appears in the movie. Up until it appears, Nakamura refers to it as an unknown type Megazord. When Enter pilots it, he wears a completely different outfit than usual. In the design comments, it says its based on the devil.

New Mecha


Voiced by: Tsuji Nozomi 辻希美

The new Buddyroid. Enetan is rarely seen outside the cockpit, but does appear in the ending credits at Tokyo Enetower. Her name is written with Ene in katakana and -tan in hiragana.

A first generation Buddyroid. She's small and exists for operating the Buster Machine. She has an Enetron logo on it.

Since her name ends in -tan, it's probably safe to assume that she's the only female Buddyroid in the series.

FS-0O Frog


The new Buster Machine. Also a first generation Buster Machine. The code name is FS Zero O, not FS zero zero or FS O O.

In Buster Vehicle Mode, it can fire Otama Bombs オタマ爆弾. Based on the word otamajakushi オタマジャクシ which means "tadpoles".

In Buster Animal Mode, it has an attack called the "Shita Bero Punch" シタベロパンチ. Shita and bero are both Japanese for "tongue".

From the director's cut footage, apparently Frog has a floor window for sightseeing purposes.

Go-Buster Kero-Oh


Kerokero is Japanese for the frog croaking noise.

The new combination is never seen since it happens underwater. Composed of Ace, GT-02, and Frog.

Finisher: Enetan Screw エネたんスクリュー


For the movie, they use a modified version of the regular ending song that includes the Go-Busters singing different parts.

Kizuna ~ Go-Busters! キズナ~ゴーバスターズ!(2012 Summer MOVIE UNIT)

This version of the song has two new lines:

ウィアー ゴーバスターズ! レッツ ゴーバスターズ!
We are Go-Busters! Let's Go-Busters!
Oretachi no deban ga kita ze
It's time for us to make our debut!



Voice Actors


  • The first Sentai summer movie to be released in December. These movies are always released in January or February the following year. Because of this, people who miss the movie will be able to watch the movie before the inevitable movie tie-in episode that brings back the mecha for an episode. In Sentai, this typically happens in the late 30s, early 40s in terms of the episodes.
  • The first Sentai movie to come with a director's cut on the second disc.
  • The movie has the annoying shutter closing scene transitions that become a regular thing in the TV series after they started using the second opening.
  • Tokyo Enetower is obviously a parody of the real Tokyo Tower. To double on the reference, when Enter is looking at it, he's holding a miniature Eiffel Tower. Tokyo Tower was obviously inspired by the Eiffel Tower when it was constructed.
  • From the screens, spellings like Buddy loid, Cheeda Nick, Ene Tower, Tokyo Enetower, and Buglar can be seen.
  • A lot of stuff happens off screen. We never see J rusting or the formation of Go-Buster Kero-Oh.
  • Frog may be waterproof, but apparently is in danger of being rusted from the Metaroid's chemicals.
  • Since the rust affects both Buddyroids, Buster Machines, and enemy Megazords, it just reenforces the connection between the mechanical resources for the heroes and villains.
  • Escape doesn't appear despite being introduced a few episodes before the movie release.
  • The flyer that causes Hiromu to freeze was for a movie called Captain Rooster.
  • The real Tokyo Tower is 333 meters tall. Ace and Gorilla are 38 and 25 meters tall, so the scale is fairly accurate.
  • Sadly, no King Kong reference when GT-02 tries to climb the tower.

Blu-ray Release

Released December 7, 2012

The disc release is fantastic. It came earlier than the usual January/February release for Sentai movies. And the bonus disc is the director's cut. Unlike Kamen Rider, Sentai almost never has a director's cut for their movies.

Bonus features for the Complete Pack version
  • A copy of the movie script. Includes staff and actor credits as well as scenarios and dialogue.
  • A map of the movie locations.
  • A second disc for the director's cut.
  • The bonus footage for the main movie disc is a non-credits version of the ending. The movie also comes with captions.

Director's Cut

Length: 35 minutes. (So an additional 8 minutes from the theatrical cut)

Unfortunately the director's cut does not come with captions. It comes with audio commentary on a second track.

Apparently all the bonus footage from the main movie is on the director's cut disc.

Bonus footage
  • Movie announcement meeting
  • Profiles
  • Designs
  • Posters
New scenes
  • Extended scene of people around the fountain. When attacked, a boy lingers. Hiromu stops the Metaroid from attacking the boy. The boy's mom arrives to take him away. She says his name. The scene is in the script, but the name isn't in the written dialogue.
  • Scene of the Buddyroids evacuating the people and helping to beat the Buglars.
  • Scene of Enter being surprised by Frog.
  • Scene of the Megazord factory in the subdimension.
  • Part of the formation of Go-Buster Kero-Oh is seen.
  • Go-Busters Hercules formation.
  • Additional footage in the ending credits. The scene of the Busters preparing in their Buster Machines is obviously from the TV series since the footage is noticeably worse than the movie footage.



Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Movie Transcript

Transcript Info

  • The movie transcript is 35 pages long and has 35 scenes total.
  • It has the name of all the cast, voice actors, and suit actors at the beginning (along with the scene numbers that they are in). The main characters have their ages as well. There are no named guests in the movie, but the script does list an unnamed mother and son who appear in scene eight (Their actor names are not listed).
  • The script covers parts of the director's cut that aren't in the theatrical cut's captions. However, there are a lot of adlibbed parts that do not exist in either.

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