Sakurada Hiromu

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桜田 ヒロム

Actor: Suzuki Katsuhiro 鈴木勝大

Red Buster on Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.


Blood Type: AB

Birthday: November 29, 1991 (1991-11-29)

Hiromu was eight when the Christmas 1999 incident occurred. While the other Go-Busters in training are taken to the Go-Buster Base, he is taken by his overprotective older sister who dislikes the idea of her brother becoming a soldier.

At the start of the show he's 20.


Hiromu is slightly socially awkward 20 year old who was raised by his only surviving family, his older sister, Sakurada Rika. Due to his sister being overprotective and his personal Buster training, he hasn't had much time to partake in social situations (Unlike Youko and Ryuuji, who grow up around and train in the Go-Buster Base). Both his parents who were researchers, were lost in the 1999 Christmas incident at the Transport Research Center.

Overly straightforward and somewhat stunted emotionally, he often clashes with his team members (Especially Youko) and his Buddyroid partner Chida Nick.


Chida Nick[edit]

Buddyroid partner.

Iwasaki Ryuuji[edit]

He calls him "Ryuuji-san". Hiromu respects the man for his professionalism and dedication to the team.

Usami Youko[edit]

He clashes with Youko and she is usually angered by his straightforward attitude.

Sakurada Rika[edit]

His older sister. She was afraid of machines even before the incident at the Research Center. She was against Hiromu from joining the Go-Busters for many years. He refers to her as "Neesan".

Jin Masato[edit]


After defeating Enter and destroying Messiah, Enter becomes very annoyed with Hiromu and promises to one day defeat him.

Special Powers[edit]

His power, like the other Busters, has a Weakpoint trade-off. Whenever Hiromu panics or is immensely startled, he freezes up completely, even in mid-air. However, it is commonly activated when Hiromu sees a chicken, an animal in which he has developed a phobia of.

His Buster Power is super speed. Thus his legs can move at an unbelievable velocity, making him look as if he were teleporting.. Apparently, this ability allows him to even fight upside down on the ceiling. (Episode 10)

Red Buster[edit]

Suit Actor: Oshikawa Yoshifumi 押川善文

His personal machine is Buster Machine: CB-01 which transforms from a car to a cheetah in animal mode and then to humanoid Ace.

He also gains the LT-06, Tategami Lioh.

Powered Morphin[edit]