Go-Busters Mission 49

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Mission 49
Determination and a Decision
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Shibasaki Takayuki
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date February 3, 2013 (2013-02-03)
Viewership 4.9%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 48
It's a Trap
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Final Mission
An Eternal Bond
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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
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Aired with Kamen Rider Wizard 21

Important things that happened

  • The latest version of Enter has copied Hiromu's ability to morph. Enter has evolved to the point of being undefeatable by the Busters.
  • Jin works out a plan where he'll use his data to remove Hiromu's card, which may leave his data scattered.
  • Enter takes over an Energon Tank, fusing the workers there with the machinery. This creates a cocoon which eventually gives birth to Megazord Omega.
  • The Busters decide to bring Enter with them to the Subdimension to contain the spread of the infection. With the help of all the mechas, they bring Enter into a hangar in the base. The teleportation is completed, but this causes the Subdimension to start collapsing on itself.

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The Vaglass

Megazord Omega

VaglassMegazord Omega.jpg

  • Enter's ultimate Megazord. Created using Energon Tanks fused with the humans within them, this Megazord features the most human-looking features yet.

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Messiah Cards

  1. Defeated in Sunadokeiroid in episode 33. Collected intellectual data.
  2. Defeated in Tiararoid in episode 37. Collected love.
  3. Defeated in Karateroid in episode 39. Collected fighting data.
  4. In Enter's right eye. Has been destroyed numerous times, but is restored each time from Enter's backup.
  5. Defeated in Bulldozerroid in episode 36. Collected strength of man-made objects.
  6. Combined with a Type Gamma to create Type Zeta. Is destroyed with Messiah Rebuilt in 44.
  7. Was Parabolaroid 2, but Enter freed it and put it in his left eye. Is destroyed in this episode, but restored from Enter's backup.
  8. Defeated in Puppetroid in episode 34. Collected human physical data.
  9. Is a part of Megazord Zeta and is destroyed with Messiah Rebuilt in 44.
  10. Defeated in Louperoid in episode 41. Collected greed/materialism.
  11. Defeated in Domeroid in episode 38. Collected Megazord fighting data.
  12. Is a part of Megazord Zeta and is destroyed with Messiah Rebuilt in 44.
  13. Is in Hiromu's right eye. Was inserted into Hiromu the day Enter showed them the cards. Card #13 is a special card that gathers all the data. Contains data from all the Metaroids as well as Enter.


  • Hiroki (Boy) - 安藤大輝 男の子 - 安藤大輝
  • Nao (Girl) - 横溝菜帆 女の子 - 横溝菜帆



  • A sign appears that says "Hiyami Area". In the T-N translation, they're called districts.


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