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陣マサト Jin means "battle position".

A character on Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. He transforms into Beet Buster.

Played by Matsumoto Hiroya.


Apparently Jin is an engineer who was transported into the subdimension 13 years ago. He somehow is able to transport back to this dimension.

In Ryuuji's magazine about Jin, he's listed as being 26 years old. In present day, that would mean he's 39 years old. In the movie script, his avatar is listed as being 27 years old. This is a year younger than Ryuuji.


Jin is arrogant, brash and somewhat of an egoist. He hates it when his Buddyroid covers him, which seems to be a running gag. Despite his demeanor, he's a scientist who has a talent for analyzing things objectively and even though Beet J Stag bothers him sometimes he shows affection towards him, albeit sparingly.


Due to being in the subdimension for 13 years, Jin's physical appearance is exactly as it was when he disappeared; a slim build with long brown hair. He has taken up more casual clothing, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a shirt with a white jacket.



Ryuuji addresses Jin as "Sempai", but if Jin was 26 when he disappeared, he'd be much too old to have been classmates with Ryuuji. It could be that Ryuuji calls Jin sempai because they share an interest in robotics, or perhaps Ryuuji is attending the high school that Jin graduated from many years ago. Using sempai as a term of respect out of shared interest would also explain why Ryuuji's classmate also thinks of Jin as a sempai.

Despite his laid back attitude, Jin is shown to genuinely care about Ryuuji and gives him advice about the future after the Vaglass are defeated. He also occasionally teases Ryuuji.

Kuroki Takeshi/"Kurorin"[edit]

They were classmates in high school. Apparently Jin is a year older than Kuroki.

Special Powers[edit]

It is revealed that Jin is an avatar. With his actual body in the subdimension, he says he's immortal since his avatar can just be recreated if destroyed. However, his body takes damage when the avatar is destroyed, and it is later revealed that he can die if the avatar is destroyed enough times.

Beet Buster[edit]


Beet is short for "Beetle". The design of the horn on the helmet seems to imply it's a hercules beetle.

He has a couple of catch phrases: "This is my time to shine!" and "Let's take this seriously!" The latter is particularly interesting since he flashes the MagiRanger hand sign as he does it. This phrase is lifted directly from MagiRangers as well, of which he was MagiYellow. Characterwise, it's interesting to note when Jin is serious, since he is always flippant and easygoing the rest of the time.

When he poses, he does the devil horn gesture. The horns are probably a reference to his beetle's horns, but more importantly, this is a gesture directly lifted from MagiRangers.

Buddyroid is Beet J Stag.