Go-Busters Mission 42

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Mission 42
Plunge into the Megazord!
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Katou Hiroyuki
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date December 9, 2012 (2012-12-09)
Viewership 3.7%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 41
Pink Buster the Mysterious Thief!
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A Resolute Christmas
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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
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Aired with Kamen Rider Wizard 14

Important things that happened[edit]

  • A train Megazordroid collects data on human weakness by trapping weak people inside its body.
  • When destroyed, the Messiah Card flies into another Megazord, which is piloted by Escape. This new Megazord disappears.

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Hercules Crisis
Used to destroy Megazordroird. A second round was fired at the new Megazord too, but it failed against the Megazord's shields.
Lio Impact
Fired with the second round of Hercules Crisis. Was blocked by a shield.

The Vaglass[edit]

Densharoid 2[edit]

VaglassDensharoid 2.jpg

Voiced by Kondou Hironori
Motif: Enetron train エネトロン電車
Metavirus: ATSUMERU VER.2 (To Gather) 集める Ver.2
Code Number D-48
Ideal environment - Train terminals
  • Yet another monster of the week repaint.

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Denshazord 2[edit]


Type Alpha
Augmentation - Train armor
Main command - Plundering Enetron Tanks and transmitting it to the subdimension.
  • Has ATSUMERU Ver. 2 written on its right arm.
  • Note: the picture on the TV Asahi page remains unavailable.

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Motif - Megazord (Denshazord 2)
Voiced by Takahashi Hiroki
Messiah Card Number 06
Ideal environment - In a thin mist
Red parts: Most of his body.
  • Has a 6 written on its left shoulder and MESSIHA on its right. It can transform into a train that can disappear between dimensions. Sort of like DenLiner from Den-O.
  • Despite being a Megazord, it doesn't have a main command since it can think for itself. The profile on the Asahi site is styled more like a Metaroid than a Megazord.

TV Asahi site

Megazord Zeta[edit]

VaglassMegazord Zeta.jpg

Height: 44.5m
Messiah Card Numbers: 06, 09, and 12
  • Combines with cards 9 and 12 to turn its arms red. When it absorbs Megazords, it becomes the core of Messiah Rebuilt.

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Messiah Cards[edit]

  1. Defeated in Sunadokeiroid in episode 33. Collected intellectual data.
  2. Defeated in Tiararoid in episode 37. Collected love.
  3. Defeated in Karateroid in episode 39. Collected fighting data.
  4. Inside Enter.
  5. Defeated in Bulldozerroid in episode 36. Collected strength of man-made objects.
  6. In Megazordroid in this episode. When Megazordroid falls, it combines with the Type Gamma that was inside Megazordroid. The new Messiahroid briefly fought the Go-Busters before disappearing. Collected data on human weakness and their ability to overcome it.
  7. Unknown. Was Parabolaroid 2, but Enter freed it. Contains Jin's data when he was transported to the sub-dimension.
  8. Defeated in Puppetroid in episode 34. Collected human physical data.
  9. Unknown.
  10. Defeated in Louperoid in episode 41. Collected greed/materialism.
  11. Defeated in Domeroid in episode 38. Collected Megazord fighting data.
  12. Unknown.
  13. Unknown.




  • Because of how cramped the voice actor credits are, Megazordroid's name is shortened to Zordroid for its credit.
  • Maybe it's because of how brief Denshazord 2's appearance was, but its missing its picture on the TV Asahi page.
  • Densharoid's number sort of spells out densha/train. D and 4 as shi and 8 as ha.
  • The ads in the train have the Vaglass heart symbol on them.
  • Youko sings the same song to cheer up the train passengers as Umeko does in the first episode of Deka.
  • Kobayashi Yasuko also wrote about another series that involved a train traveling through time and space (Den-O).
  • Youko isn't able to transform in the train, but later on Ryuuji is able to do a Powered Morphin and Youko transforms as well. Perhaps because the Busters broke into the Megazord?
  • Youko and the passengers are in car 6 and this is Messiah Card 6.


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