Go-Busters Mission 36

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Mission 36
Go-Buster Lioh GAGIIN!
ゴーバスターライオー ガギーン!
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Shimoyama Kento
Director Takemoto Noboru
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date October 28, 2012 (2012-10-28)
Viewership 5.3%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 35
Tategami Lioh Howls!
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Mission 37
The Black Bride and the White Bride
Episode List
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
< Mission 35 Go-Buster Lioh GAGIIN!
ゴーバスターライオー ガギーン!
Mission 37 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Wizard 09

Important things that happened

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Go-Buster Lioh
When Lioh combines with GT-2 and RH-03 it becomes Go-Buster Lioh.
Finisher: Ignition Tornado イグニッショントルネード
  • When Lioh combines, Mizuki Ichirou verbalizes the sound effect Gan Gan Gagiin. Gangan ガンガン is simply an intense sound. From the episode title and the placement in the sound effect sequence, Gagiin ガギーン probably is a variation of shakiin which is the sound of a flash going off.


Gorillarge Punch ゴリラージパンチ
  • Blue Buster Powered Custom's new finisher. Energy forms around his right hand to form a giant fist, which can be used to execute a punch of tremendous force. Comes from Gorilla ゴリラ and Large ラージ.

The Vaglass



Voiced by - 江川英生
Motif - Bulldozer
Messiah Card 05
Ideal environment - In a group of high-rise buildings.

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Type Delta
Augmentation - Hydraulic messiah blades
Main command - To suppress the Go-Busters.

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  • The Buddyroids go on strike because J repeats a phrase that Jin said in episode 25 "demo mo SUTO mo nai". Ryuuji reacted to this phrase by telling him that it's out-of-date and that no one says that anymore. The SUTO in the phrase means "strike". In our subs we wrote "No buts" and wrote down a note saying that it's an archaic phrase.
  • Apparently Enetron comes in high octane variation, since that's one of the demands from the Buddyroids.
  • Usada repeatedly refers to J as Jueki in this episode. He's obviously copying this mannerism from Youko who also refers to J as Jueki.
  • At one point the time till the Megazord arrives is 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Go-Busters airs at 7:30 in the morning.
  • This is the first Megazord Delta Type to inherit the main traits from the Metaroid. Up till now, Deltas have appeared as support for the other Megazord that's based on the monster of the week.


Go-Busters Mission 36 Transcript