Go-Busters Mission 41

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Mission 41
Pink Buster the Mysterious Thief!
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Mouri Nobuhiro
Director Katou Hiroyuki
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date December 2, 2012 (2012-12-02)
Viewership 4.4%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 40
J Covers the Messiahroid
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Mission 42
Plunge into the Megazord!
Episode List
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
< Mission 40 Pink Buster the Mysterious Thief!
Mission 42 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Wizard 13

Important things that happened[edit]

  • A mysterious thief steals Messiah Card 10.

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Hercules Crisis
Go-Buster Hercules
Lio Blaster Go
Used by Hiromu to finish off the Metaroid.

The Vaglass[edit]



Voiced by: Yasumoto Hiroki
Motif - A loupe
Messiah Card Number - 10
Ideal environment - Jewel stores
Red parts: Right leg.
  • Has a 10 on the cape on his back.
  • Despite being created from a magnifying glass, the main theme of this Metaroid is a loupe. A loupe is also a magnification device, but one of its main features is not having a handle like a magnifying glass.

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Type Alpha
Mega loupe, Gentleman's mantle

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  • Saotome Reika / Phantom Thief Pink Buster - Shinkawa Yua 早乙女レイカ / 怪盗ピンクバスター - 新川優愛
  • Kinman (Art collector) - Okada Masanori 金満 (美術品収集家) - 岡田正典
  • Woman who likes brand products ブランド好きの女 - Morino Misaki
  • Picture Dealer 絵画商 - Ryu Suwaru



  • When Stag and Beet Buster hit their Transpods to transport their weapons, a sound effect is played for Stag, but nothing for Beet.
  • Pink Buster has her own logo styled like the Go-Buster logo. It has PB instead of GB. This logo can be seen on her belt and on her back. This is slightly wrong compared to the actual Go-Buster uniform, which has the logo on the belt and their Transpod. The GB on their back is stylized in a way so that it looks like two 8's next to each other. Also, she has a cat button on her right side, while lacking anything on the device on her left.
  • Apparently Pink Buster is actually a lady when she's not stealing. She leaves in a fancy car, and she has high-class mannerisms. Apparently stealing is her escape from the tedium of the high class society. She is attracted to the danger and excitement that surrounds Hiromu's daily life. Despite all this, she can fight almost on par with the Busters, actually out maneuvering them with her dexterity. She is very similar to Batman's Catwoman.
  • While his name isn't said in the episode, the guy who finds the card has a family plate in front of his home. It says Kinman which basically means "full of money". Fitting.
  • As noted in the Metaroid section, the theming of the Metaroid doesn't make too much sense since it's one distinguishing feature is not having a handle like the magnifying glass it was born from. It was probably done because loupe sort of sounds like Lupin, a famous thief.
  • While Hiromu does mention Enter's name, this is one of the few episodes to not have Enter or Escape. Not much main plot occurs either, since this episode isn't written by the Go-Busters' main writer.
  • Hiromu is usually fairly perceptive, but he misses clues like Pink Buster walking around in her civilian outfit and the fake Messiah Card not having a backside. He eventually puts it together though.
  • When the Metaroid is found, it's in the Michiyama 満山 district. While this means "the whole mountain" the word "michi" can mean "satisfy". By finding the Metaroid, both Hiromu and Pink Buster's desires are fulfilled.
  • At the end, when Hiromu is denying that he's in a relationship with Pink Buster, he yells out to the commander. Kuroki responds by making a circle above his head with his arms, which is the Japanese sign for "OK"; at the same time, he creates the shape of a heart using his hands.


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