Iwasaki Ryuuji

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岩崎 リュウジ In the show, they spell it Ryuji.

Actor: Baba Ryoma 馬場良馬

Young version of Ryuuji played by Matsuoka Koudai 松岡広大

Blue Buster on Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters


Birth Date: January 15, 1983[1]

Blood Type O

Ryuuji was in high school looking forward to becoming a robotics engineer when Messiah attacked. As a last resort, the scientists install experimental programs into him, Youko and Hiromu and teleport them outside the Transport Research Center. From that moment on, he and Youko train together awaiting the day the Vaglass attack the earth.


28 years old and the oldest of the team. He's often seen as an older brother or father figure to Hiromu and Youko, both of whom are still quite young.

Ryuuji is usually level headed and mature, but can also get quite emotional. Due to this, Hiromu jokingly refers to him as he and Youko's father.

Ryuuji is very interested in robotics and wanted to become an engineer before the tragedy on Christmas day, and occasionally teams up with Jin Masato to investigate the various mechanical things the Go-Busters deal with.


Gorisaki Banana

Gorisaki refers to him simply as Ryuuji.

Gorisaki is seen initially afraid to interact with him on a one-to-one basis. While Gorisaki eventually gets over this, he is still very overprotective towards him. He's also seen to become jealous when Ryuuji pays more attention to others.

Sakurada Hiromu

Hiromu refers to him as Ryuuji-san.

Treats him as an equal and will occasionally bring him out of his fits of blind rage.

Usami Youko

Youko refers to him as "Ryuu-san" while he calls her "Youko-chan"

While Youko treats him as an equal he sees her as his little sister and he is very overprotective towards her.

Jin Masato

He refers to Jin as "Sempai" and expects him to act like a responsible, rational scientist but Jin never does.


After battling her in berserker mode and almost winning, Escape seems to consider Ryuuji her rival and always attempts to go after him first if not stopped.

Special Power

His Buster Power is super arm strength. However, when Ryuji uses his power too much, he starts to overheat. If he completely overheats, his personality changes to a very violent person, making him a danger to everyone around him. In this berserker mode he's extremely powerful, capable of taking out many enemies at once. However, once this finishes, he collapses and is completely vulnerable.

Blue Buster

Suit Actor: Takeuchi Yasuhiro 竹内康博

His partner BuddyRoid is Gorisaki Banana.

His personal machine is: Buster Vehicle GT-02.

Powered Morphin

Ryuuji's strength defenses are multiplied. He gains access to Gorisaki's arms that he uses to create massive punches and can also replicate certain surfaces and form huge chunks of them that he usually throws, presumably using the common data-to-matter technology.


  • Entered high school April 1, 1999.
  • Was the runner up in a national robot contest.
  • Ryuuji is 28 throughout most of Go-Busters. In episode 45, the a non-main writer accidentally has Gorisaki say that he's 29 on an episode that aired January 6th. However, Ryuuji's birthday is on the 15th of January so he should still only be 28.


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