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宇佐見ヨーコ When her name appears in English in-series, it's written as Yoko

Yellow Buster on Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

Played by Komiya Arisa 小宮有紗

Younger Youko played by Hirasawa Kokoro 平澤宏々路


Youko is sixteen years old and still does regular high school work. She was three years old during the Christmas incident in which she lost her mother and had the experimental program installed within her.


The most immature of the Busters, Youko often has fights with Hiromu who is overly straightforward with her due to being socially inept. She grew up training with Ryuuji. In later episodes, we learn that she doesn't do much besides train and sleep (She doesn't study on her days off because she hates it). Youko hates studying so much that she tricks her teammates into doing the work for her, to the annoyance of Usada, who takes it upon himself to raise her properly.

Has a striking resemblance to Hong Kong actress Angie Sue, who is also played by Komiya Arisa.

She also has the tendency to jump to conclusions and misjudge people.


Sakurada Hiromu[edit]

Iwasaki Ryuuji[edit]

Jin Masato[edit]

Beet J Stag[edit]

Youko and J are shown to make a good pair in fights. Youko is also the one who came up with the nickname "Jueki".

Special Powers[edit]

  • Powers: Strong legs.
  • Weak point: Must keep her calorie levels up, otherwise she crashes. In show, she is shown to be constantly snacking.

Yellow Buster[edit]


Suit Actor: Hachisuka Yuichi

Buddyroid Partner: Usada Lettuce

Buster Machine: RH-03

Powered Morphin[edit]

Youko's powered morphin grants her both higher jumping capability and an antigravity field which she can use to aim her jumps. It also gives her access to a finisher called "Rapid Kick."