Go-Busters Mission 22

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Mission 22
The Lovely Avatar, Escape
美しきアバター エスケイプ
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Watanabe Katsuya
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date July 22, 2012 (2012-07-22)
Viewership 2.2%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 21
Farewell, Blue Buster
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Mission 23
The One To Carry On the Spirit
Episode List
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
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美しきアバター エスケイプ
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Aired with Kamen Rider Fourze 44

Important things that happened

  • The episode begins with Enter admiring the architecture of an Enetron Tank. When he's suddenly attacked by the new character of the show, Escape!
  • Enter comments that Messiah "has created a new Avatar". Escape's response is that Messiah created her since Enter wasn't satisfying him.
  • A threat is issued against a building. Hiromu and Youko go undercover to participate in an "escape the maze building" event at the Ariadne Building. Ryuuji remains on standby.
  • The Metaroid locks down the building. Escape gets inside using an Enetron electric plug (along with a group of Buglars).

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The Vaglass



Voiced by Inoue Go
Motif - Keys and locks
Metavirus - TOJIRU 閉じる
Code number: O-69
Ideal Environment - High-rise building
  • The code number is interesting. 6 and 9 are Roku and Ku. Rokku/Lock?
  • Uses the word "good" in almost every sentence. His actual sentence structure is a bit hard to represent. He'll say "something something verb 'good'" and then say the subject of the sentence last.

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Type Alpha
Augmentations - Multi-dimple key
Main command - Attacking the Ariadne Building and creating an artificial subdimension.

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New Commander

Escape Played by Misaki Ayame

  • The "lovely avatar" mentioned in the episode title.
  • Her guns are also black and white, named Gog ゴク (black) and Magog マゴク (white).
  • It looks like Gog and Magog as dogs are from "Anne of the Island" from the Anne of Green Gable series.
  • See Escape#Gog and Magog Discussion
Gog and Magog are also a reference to the book of Ezekiel and Revelation Messiah. Gog, and Magog, is there some connection?


  • Segawa Shouta 瀬川ショウタ(演:渡辺隼斗)
  • Rin リン(演:小嶋一星)
  • Kaito カイト(演:坂本大河)

French Used

キディヴ? Qui etes-vous?



  • Escape is played by Misaki Ayame in her second major toku role. (She was Sister Miki on Cutie Honey THE LIVE). She's not the only Cutie Honey veteran to grace Toei Tokusatsu this summer though!
  • Escape's reason for her creation is probably a reference to the last episode where Messiah accuses Enter of defying him. Is this a "Enter is going to die" flag?
  • Escape introduces her guns Gog and Magog before introducing herself. She also refers to Messiah as "Papa".
    • Gog and Magog are references to the antique dogs from "Anne of Green Gables". Might also be a reference to the Bible and end times.
  • The event is fitting since it's an "Escape Game", referring to the new character's name.
    • The Ariadne Building is named after the daughter of the king of Minos. In the myth, Ariadne was in charge of running the labyrinth where victims were sacrificed to the minotaur.
    • The Ariadne Building is in the Oomae 大前 district. Besides being a Japanese family name, this term also refers to the group of archers at the front of an army. Unknown if this is relevant.
  • When Escape installs a Metavirus, she scans a digital card on what appears to be a tablet. A commentary on new technology versus Enter's CAT5 cables and old laptop?
  • Apparently Escape's attack was just to trap people in the building so they could be crushed by the Megazord. So while Enter focuses on functionally useful things like gathering Enetron, Escape appears to be a representation of Messiah's sadistic joy of watching humans suffer.
  • When the Megazord arrives, it has the Subdimension creating ability.
  • Great Go-Buster is combined in the hangars again. Is it not able to combine on the field?
  • Keeping in pattern with this world, the boy's given names are all written in katakana.


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