Go-Busters Mission 29

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Mission 29
Plunge into the Subdimension!
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Butsuda Hiroshi
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date September 9, 2012 (2012-09-09)
Viewership 5.2%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 28
Beware of Chickens!
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Mission 30
Shutdown Messiah
Episode List
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
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Aired with Kamen Rider Wizard 02

Important things that happened

  • Starts with Hiromu in the subdimension, carrying his helmet in his arm. Messiah is screaming and as Hiromu gets closer, something rises from the ground.
  • Hiromu wakes up, knocking over his Christmas present that Jin retrieved from the subdimension. The previous sequence was just a prescient dream.
  • Cut to the subdimension where we see a tall structure that looks like a hand coming out of the ground.
  • Commander Kuroki calls Hiromu, saying that a message was received from Hiromu's father. The audio only message states that Messiah is growing and must be stopped. The Busters convince Commander Kuroki to allow them to enter the subdimension to shut down Messiah.
  • Enter traces the Marker to the building that holds Hanger 02. Enter, Escape, and an army of Buglars march to attack it. While the Busters are defending the area, Enter pulls Red Buster out of battle. While they fight, Red Buster is told to leave battle so that he can pilot Great Go-Buster into the subdimension, but Enter backstabs him, then breaks his mask.
  • Eventually Nick comes in with guns and they make their escape to Great Go-Buster.
  • While they wait for the teleportation sequence to start, Escape and her army marches into the hangar. They are opposed by the staff of the Command Center and hangar workers, armed with Ichigan Busters.
  • When Great Go-Buster teleports, Enter and Escape retreat so that they can fight them in the subdimension.
  • Great Go-Buster is met with several Megazords, which are easily dispatched.
  • The Busters use the override system to cancel the effects of the subdimension. They enter the buildings of the Research Center, but are met with an unknown mecha. The mecha declares that they are in his subdimension and that he is Messiah. Messiah resurrects several former Metaroids behind him before the episode ends.

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The Vaglass



Voice of Hiromu's dad, Sakurada Yousuke.



  • When Miho locks on to the Marker in the subdimension, the text on the screen says "Locke".
  • In front of the building that holds Hangar 02 (Where the Busters make their stand against Enter and Escape) there's a sign that says "These premises protected by video surveillance. Go-Busters".
  • As thought, the creators that Enter addresses are the physical entities who build the Megazords. It turns out they're the people who were in the Research Center when it was transported 13 years ago.
  • In a close up on Yellow Buster in RH-03's cockpit, the reflection shows her hands and the other monitoring equipment.
  • Despite being in the real subdimension, the pilots aren't shown to be in pain the way they are in the artificial subdimensions. This is before they activate the override system.
  • When they confront Messiah, he tells them to not invade his dimension (kuukan 空間). Usually the Busters refer to it as a subdimension (akuukan 亜空間).
  • The Special Missions Department changed their salute to a police-type salute, as oppose to their usual "thumbs up in front of the chest" salute.

Enter's Outfit

Enter and Escape both wear battle uniforms this week.


Go-Busters Mission 29 Transcript