Go-Busters Mission 15

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Mission 15
The Gold Warrior and His Silver Buddy
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Kaneda Osamu
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date June 3, 2012 (2012-06-03)
Viewership 3.6%
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Episode chronology
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Mission 14
Ça va? Rescue Operation
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Mission 16
The Man From the Subdimension
Episode List
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
< Mission 14 The Gold Warrior and His Silver Buddy
Mission 16 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Fourze 38

Important things that happened

  • Ryuuji's sempai, Jin Masato, has apparently returned from the subdimension. The Go-Busters are skeptical, since Ryuuji points out that Jin hasn't aged in 13 years.
  • Jin transforms into Beet Buster before the Go-Busters eyes. This takes the parts from J. However, earlier, Beet Buster had appeared while J still wore his golden armor parts.
  • Beet and Stag Buster defeat the Metaroid, but make off with the stolen Enetron. For some reason Hiromu doesn't use his super speed to catch them.

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The Vaglass



(Soujiki = vacuum)
Voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki
Number: S-02 (Probably a pun on souji/to clean. The 0 becomes an o and 2 is pronounced as ni/ji)
Metavirus: SUIKOMU 吸い込む "To suck"
Ideal environment - Generic household, 4 room (facing south).
  • Soujiki is Japanese for "vacuum". Soujikiroid starts off polite, but loses it quickly when irritated. Thinking about it a bit more, Soujikiroid's speech patterns are probably based off an irritated housewife.
  • Apparently the vacuum can go from suck to blow mode.
  • In the Asahi profile, Soujikiroid's ideal environment lists it as being 4LDK facing south. This is a shortcut for Japanese apartments which means 4 rooms, living room, dining room, kitchen.

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Type Gamma
Augmentations - Cyclone high-power cleaner
Top command - TO steal from the Enetron Tank and transfer it to the subdimension.
  • Has Suikomu written on its right shoulder and S-02 on its left.

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  • When sucking the Enetron out of the cars, there's one scene where he withdraws his vacuum and there is obviously no damage to the car.
  • When the Buglars empty out Soujikiroid's containers, it's transferred into much larger containers. Assuming Enetron takes up volume, perhaps the containers can hold more than one of the Soujikiroid's containers worth of Enetron?
  • When Ryuuji points out that Jin hasn't aged in 13 years, Usada remarks that the subdimension might be the Dragon Palace. This is a reference to to the story of Urashima Tarou, a Japanese folklore with a similar story to Rip Van Winkle.
  • Song "Boost Up! Beet Buster" (Boost Up! ビートバスター) played during this battle.
  • Jin flashes a hand sign similar to the MagiRanger's hand sign as he makes his getaway.
  • Yoshino Hiroyuki who voices Soujikiroid is a member of Nazo no Shin Unit Starmen.
  • When Enter enters the woman's house to create the Soujikiroid, the camera takes on Enter's perspective. We see him look at a door before going through it. Apparently in his digital form, Enter can see perfectly normally as he transports around.
  • Ryuuji pulls out a Hyper Robot magazine to show a picture of Jin from 13 years ago. The magazine probably based on Hyper Hobby, a magazine for toys that frequently features Sentai and Kamen Rider stuff.

Enter's Outfit

When he sneaks up on the housewife, Enter is wearing an apron and holding a feather duster.

Rising New Hero Director's Cut

Released November 21st.
Length - 57 minutes
Includes episodes 15 and 16 plus a bonus discussion video that's about an hour long.

Because 15-16 had some of the highest ratings at the time for Go-Busters (And Toei wants more money) these two episodes had director's cut rereleased on a single disc. Apparently, there are seven minutes of new footage. There's also a secondary commentary audio track. Plus a bonus Special Missions Talk with the Busters cast who talk about their thoughts after watching the director's cut versions. This bonus feature is over an hour long.

Notable Changes
  • When Hiromu asks about their parents, Jin gets excited when talking about Youko's mother. He even uses the term "single mother" and saying that he liked her, which become important story points in a later episode.
  • After Jin admits to being angry with Hiromu's dad, Hiromu tells Jin that he can punch his dad, but only after it's all over.
  • More scenes of the Busters fighting the Buglars.
  • The Busters prepping in their vehicles.
  • Blue and Yellow Buster fighting the Parabolaroid scenes.
  • Parabolaroid doing a new search for Beet Buster.
  • Beet Buster and Stag Buster versus Parabolaroid scenes.
  • Red Buster versus Beet Buster sword fight scene.

Picture of back of Blu-ray with list of scene changes

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Go-Busters Mission 15 Transcript