Kuroki Takeshi

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Played by Sakaki Hideo 榊英雄

The commander.


Not much is known about Takeshi's past, but at some point he was appointed commander of the Go-Busters. He seems to be not only the commander of the Go-Busters, but also the entire base and special missions department of the E.M.C.


40 years old. If Jin had aged naturally, he would be a year younger than Kuroki.

Cold, calculating, he prioritizes the mission above all else. When he yells his voice becomes all guttural and he talks out of his throat.



Most of the time he maintains a strict work-only relationship with Hiromu, Ryuuji and Youko, but on occasion he'll act as a parental figure. He's shown to care a lot for them, but due to his attitude he'll usually let them go on dangerous missions with little protest.


He shares a past with Jin Masato, as they went to school together. Jin affectionately calls him "Kurorin" despite his protests, with leads all the younger members of the Go-Busters team to laugh at him.

Tooru and Miho[edit]

Research Institute/The Creators[edit]

Despite his accomplishments, the creators still address him as their junior ("Kuroki-kun") as they only remember him as his younger self from 13 years ago.