Kamen Rider Agito 13

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Episode 13
A Clue from Father
Kamen Rider Agito episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Original air date April 22, 2001 (2001-04-22)
Viewership 12.4%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 12
The Clash at the Lake!
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Episode 14
The Strongest Kick
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Kamen Rider Agito
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Aired with GaoRanger Quest 10

Air date: April 22, 2001 (2001-04-22)

Important things that happened

  • Kouno briefly mentions the Mysterious Young Man to Hikawa. He describes the man remained silent ever since he confessed himself as the true culprit who murdered Tomoko. The young man also remained silent in identifying his name and his motivation for the crime, so the case is treated as a random crime. He is not prosecuted for his actions, but he is being hospitalized.
  • Kouno has been in charge of investigating Mana's father murder case for two years. Mana constantly pays him a visit in the hope of finding the real culprit who killed her father. Kouno is unable to prove anything to her because he most likely lost his trace as the murder was more complicated than he thinks.
    • Kouno shares details of the murder by showing Hikawa the crime scene where Kazaya Nobuyuki was killed. He said the autopsy report concluded Nobuyuki didn't have any external wounds, but his internal organs were torn apart was the cause of death.
    • Before being killed, Nobuyuki brought a companion to a café he regularly went. According to the café master's testimony, both men were having conversation until they suddenly got into an argument. The master didn't quite understand what they were discussing during that time, but he heard the other man kept saying "That's impossible!".
    • Kouno's next lead is the now unoccupied Kazaya house. Hikawa and Kouno see Mana entering her old home. The trio find themselves a video tape and a black ball hidden within a wall which Nobuyuki used it to measure Mana's height.
  • Mana is attacked by the Leiurus Acutia Unknown. While Shouichi is battling the Unknown as Agito, he is stung by the Unknown's scorpion tail.

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Leiurus Acutia (レイウルス・アクティア)
  • Voiced by: Souya Shigenori (宗矢樹頼)
  • Lord: Scorpion Lord
  • Motif: Scorpion
  • Killing Method: Plants a metal near the victim's heart. The metal steals the body's heat energy, causing the victim to age and dies in 24 hours.

Guest Stars

  • Cafe owner - Nakamura Bunpei マスター (喫茶ラビット) - 中村文平
  • Fish shop owner - Tadano Ikko 魚屋 - ただのいっこ
  • Cake class teacher - Kataoka Tomie ケーキ教室の先生 - 片岡富枝
  • Cake class student (Housewife wearing eye glasses) - 宍戸美和公 ケーキ教室の生徒 (眼鏡の主婦) - 宍戸美和公
  • Cake class student - 春田季欧依 ケーキ教室の生徒? - 春田季欧依
  • Man A - 樋口靖 男A - 樋口靖


Voice Actor

  • Leiurus Acutia - Souya Shigenori レイウルス・アクティア - 宗矢樹頼

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  • After Kouno received a phone call, he shows his pinky finger to Hikawa. In Japanese culture, this gesture means a girlfriend.
  • Shouichi takes Taiichi for grocery shopping. He sticks his finger into the mouths of the frozen fishes, so that he can tell the freshness of the fishes.
  • Young Mana and her father read Momotarou fairy tale together.
  • The Mysterious Young Man tears papers from the wall calendar in his hospital room to make a few paper boats. He mentions in the ancient time humans rode boats to escape the end of the world fate. He questions Sawaki Tetsuya whether he wants to escape another end of the world fate. The man responds he wishes to understand everything, including humanity and himself.

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Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺 章)
Writer: Inoue Toshiki (井上敏樹)
Director: Tasaki Ryuuta (田崎竜太)
Music: Sahashi Toshihiko (佐橋俊彦)
Cinematographer: Inokuma Masao (いのくままさお)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Yamada Kazuyoshi (山田一善)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)


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