Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Space Sheriff Gavan THE MOVIE

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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Space Sheriff Gavan THE MOVIE
海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャーVS宇宙刑事ギャバンTHE MOVIE
Gokaiger VS Gavan Blu-ray.jpg
Director Nakazawa Shojiro
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Starring Ozawa Ryota
Yamada Yuki
Ichimichi Mao
Shimizu Kazuki
Koike Yui
Ikeda Junya
Ohba Kenji
Composer Yamashita Kousuke
Watanabe Michiaki
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) January 21, 2012 (2012-01-21)
March 21, 2012 (2012-03-21) (Retail)
Running time 63 minutes
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A Japanese tokusatsu film to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Super Sentai Series and 30th Anniversary of Space Sheriff Series. It is a crossover between Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and the legendary Space Sheriff Gavan. It is also the fourth film of the Super Sentai Festival (スーパー戦隊祭り).

Important things that happened


Voice Actors

Cameo Appearances

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (alongside Chida Nick)
Their first debut to face Basco ta Jolokia and Sally, who have their chance to take the Gokai Galleon and the Ranger Keys.

Sentai References

  • Oume Daigorou's anpan business is called "Denjipan", an homage to Denshi Sentai Denjiman and his love for anpan.
  • Gai refers to Akebono Shirou's "smell of the savanna", a reference to Akebono Shirou having been trained in Kenya.
  • The Henshin scene at the very end, where Gavan, Battle Kenya and DenjiBlue transform, is a tribute to the very final scene of the Space Sheriff Trilogy, where Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider also transform after the request of a voice coming from the sky.
  • The way Mons Drake, Kinggon, and Robogog react and appear is the same as their souls do in Goseiger episode 49. That might suggest that their souls were able to manifest in Makuu Space.
  • When Joe transformed into DenjiBlue, he is using the DenjiPunch for boxing attacks. Gai joins him by transforming into Go-On Gold, also using boxing attacks. This is a reference to Hiroto who always trained in boxing, but in battle used his Rocket Dagger instead.
  • In the flashback scene where Ichijouji Retsu rescues young Captain Marvelous, his dialogue references the lyrics of the Space Sheriff Gavan opening theme - most notably: "Otoko nandarou?" ("Are you a man?") "Abayo namida," ("Farewell, tears.") and "Yoroshiku yuuki." ("Welcome, courage.").




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