Gokaiger Episode 26

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Episode 26
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Katou Hiroyuki
Original air date August 21, 2011 (2011-08-21)
Viewership 3.3%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 25
Pirates and Ninjas
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A Heartier Change Than Usual
Episode List
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
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Aired with Kamen Rider OOO 47

Air date: August 21, 2011 (2011-08-21)

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Second part of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger tribute episodes.
  • Revealing themselves, the Hurricanegers ask for their Ranger Keys so they can clean up the GokaiGalleon crew's mess. Though Gai defends the pirates from the ninjas' criticism with intent not to hand over the Hurricaneger Keys, Doc and Ahim give the keys to the trio in hopes of saving their shipmates and the people that have changed into chestnuts. Yousuke does not guarantee the Keys' return, but Ahim assures them that her crew will take them back by force if necessary.
  • Regaining their powers, the Hurricanegers use their Chou Ninpou called Open Sesame to enter the pocket dimension of Boki Space; but no sooner are they gone, the three Gokaigers find themselves under attack by a Goumin platoon under Barizorg and Insaan who are ordered to deal with the pirates until Satakura Jr. returns.
  • Within Boki Space, Captain Marvelous, Joe and Luka find themselves as contestants in Saturakura Jr.'s game show, where they must answer his questions correctly so he can say, "Ping-Pong!" to release them. However, the game is fixed with no correct answers and the penalties become more dangerous with every incorrect answer.
  • Finding the three pirates and confused by their refusal to answer the questions, the Hurricanegers barge in to attack Saturakura Jr. However, the attack only prompts the Space Ninja to reveal the bag of chestnuts strapped to an explosive before having the defeated Hurricanegers chained up along with the captive Gokaigers.
  • After Captain Marvelous clarifies why he and his two crew mates are not answering, somewhat winning their respect, the Hurricanegers decide to pull a risky move by offering all the Super Sentai Grand Powers to Saturakura Jr. if he answers their three questions. Accepting the challenge, Saturakura Jr. gets the first two right before being tricked via the third question into saying, "Ping-Pong!" Once released, the Hurricanegers manage to recover the chestnuts and leave the Space Ninja with the bomb as it explodes and negates Boki Space.
  • Once back in the real world, the Gokaigers regroup as they transform alongside the Hurricanegers before battling the Zangyack. Seeing their part of the mission fulfilled, Barizorg and Insaan retreat before the two Super Sentai teams use the Gokai Chou Ninpou: Hurricane Scramble attack to defeat Saturakura Jr., restoring his victims to normal.
  • When Saturakura Jr. is enlarged, the Hurricanegers hand their Ranger Keys back to the Gokaigers as they use Gokai-Ou and GouJyuJin to fight the Space Ninja. Gaining the Hurricanegers' Grand Power, the Gokaigers summon Fuuraimaru, who combines with Gokai-Ou to become Hurricane Gokai-Ou before destroying Satarakura Jr. with the Gokai Fuurai Attack.
  • Back aboard the GokaiGalleon, as everyone gets along, Captain Marvelous tells Yousuke that he likes Earth and appreciates the fact that the Greatest Treasure in the Universe is on the planet. On Gai's suggestion, the Gokaigers and Hurricanegers then have their picture taken.

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New Grand Power[edit]

Fuuraimaru 風雷丸
  • Hissatsu Ougi: Haritsuke Shuriken 必殺奥義・磔手裏剣
  • Hissatsu Ougi: Midare-zakura 必殺奥義・乱れ桜
Gokai Fuurai Attack uses him to execute the finisher.
Hurricane Gokai-Ou ハリケンゴーカイオー
Fused with Fuuraimaru and has a weapon.
Special Attacks:
  • Shuriken Chain 手裏剣チェーン
  • Gokai Mugen Shuriken ゴーカイ無限手裏剣
  • Gokai Fuurai Attack ゴーカイ風雷アタック

Space Empire Zangyack[edit]

Saturakura Jr.[edit]

Gokaiger0026 (Saturakura Jr.).jpg

Voiced by Shimada Bin (島田 敏)
An action commander is being as humorous as his father with Space Ninpou: Position Exchange (置転換), allowing him to exchange places with an opponent's ally to avoid an attack, Pit Fall (穴落とし), sending an opponent falling into Boki Space (ボキ空間), Special Devil Argument (スペシャルでびろんぱ), a breath attack by his enlarged head, and Dongaragasshan (ドンガラガッシャーン), launching lightning bolts.
He is the son of Saturakura, who was defeated by the self-destruction of the TenKuJin and Shurikenger's sacrifice.

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Guest Stars[edit]

  • Shiina Yousuke / HurricaneRed - Shioya Shun 椎名鷹介 / ハリケンレッド - 塩谷 瞬
  • Nono Nanami / HurricaneBlue - Nagasawa Nao 野乃七海 / ハリケンブルー - 長澤奈央
  • Bitou Kouta / HurricaneYellow - Yamamoto Kohei 尾藤吼太 / ハリケンイエロー - 山本康平



Sentai References[edit]

  • The episode title is a reference to the name of the Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger movie, Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Shushutto The Movie.
  • HurricaneRed refers to the Gokaiger as the legendary successors, which is what the Hurricaneger were called.
  • While fighting Goumin, GokaiSilver yells, "Kakugo! Kakugo! Kakugoshiro!", which is from the lyrics of the Hurricaneger opening theme.
  • Fuuraimaru uses the same combination style of Gourai SenpuuJin when combining with Gokai-Ou. Once the combination sequence is completed, Fuuraimaru says, "Hurricane Gokai-Ou, suisan!", a reference to the Hurricaneger's usual combine sequence call.


Writer: Arakawa Naruhisa 荒川稔久

Director: Katou Hiroyuki 加藤弘之

Action Director: Ishigaki Hirofumi 石垣広文


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