Gokaiger Episode 30

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Episode 30
Just My Friend's Soul
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode
Writer Komura Junko
Director Watanabe Katsuya
Original air date September 18, 2011 (2011-09-18)
Viewership 5.1%
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Episode 29
Rampage Seven Transformations and a New Gattai
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Shock!! A Secret Operation
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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Fourze 03

Air date: September 18, 2011 (2011-09-18)

Important things that happened[edit]

  • ChouJyu Sentai Liveman tribute episode.
  • This episode focused on Joe Gibken, and the truth behind the remodel of Sid Bamick.
  • When the next fortune from Navi refers to a "skateboarding lion", Gai realizes it must mean Yellow Lion. However, as Gai has no idea where he is, the rest of the Gokai Galleon crew decide to go out and find him.
  • As the others have no luck, Joe and Ahim meet Oohara Jou as he and Joe save an infant. Soon after, the two pirates and Jou find a Zangyack scientist named Zaien who attempts to kidnap a boxer. Transforming in front of him, the two Gokaigers battle the Goumin while Jou gets the boxer to safety before fighting the Goumin. Using the Denjiman Ranger Keys, the Gokaigers drive Zaien off.
  • The two then find a scanner which Jou learns that it is a technical specification on turning people into beings like Barizorg. After learning the contents of the file, Joe asks Jou to find a way to reverse the process. Accepting to help him, Jou takes Joe to his laboratory to find the means, only to find that the process can not be undone.
  • With this knowledge, Joe laments that he cannot save his friend, as Jou eases his pain by telling of his own tribulations of fighting his own friends and how he intends not to let history repeat itself, and that even if he can only rescue his soul, he would be able to save him. As Joe leaves with renewed conviction, he realizes that Jou is the Yellow Lion.
  • Meanwhile, after learning Zaien's scheme to convert physically fit humans into beings like Barizorg, the Gokaigers track Zaien down and free his captives before they are joined by Joe.
  • Vowing not to allow others to suffer Sid's fate, Joe transforms into GokaiBlue. As GokaiSilver assumes Gold Mode to take out the Sugoumin, the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Liveman to fight Zaien. With Zaien weakened, GokaiBlue personally finishes the scientist off with Sid's sword technique attack.
  • Enlarged by a content Insaan, Zaien and the Sugoumin battle Gokai-Ou and GouJyuRex. Using the Grand Power of the Liveman, Gokai-Ou summons Super Live Robo who takes out the Sugoumin so Zaien can be destroyed.
  • Later, Joe vows to defeat Barizorg as he believes it is the only way to save at least Sid's soul.

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New Grand Power[edit]

Super Live Robo スーパーライブロボ
Finisher: Super Big Burst スーパービッグバースト

Space Empire Zangyack[edit]


Gokaiger0030 (Zaien).jpg

Voiced by Nakata Jouji (中田譲治)
A Great Scientist who's responsible for Sid's remodel into Barizorg.

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Guest Stars[edit]

Former Yellow Lion イエローライオン
A professional boxer who was attempted to targeted by Zaien for turning into a machine.

Attacks Used[edit]

  • GokaiSilver Gold Mode = Gokai Legend Dream
  • GokaiBlue = His finisher was Sid-sempai's technique in order to defeat Zaien by himself.
  • Hurricane Gokai-Ou = Shuriken Chain, Gokai Mugen Shuriken, Gokai Fuurai Attack
  • GouJyuJin = Gokai Triple Drill Dream

Gokai Change[edit]

  • GokaiBlue, GokaiPink = Denshi Sentai Denjiman
DenjiPunch, DenjiUpper
  • ChouJyu Sentai Liveman



Sentai References[edit]

  • Academia Island, the school where Jou is a professor, is the same school attended by Jou and his teammates that was destroyed in the first episode of Liveman.
  • The butterflies in the episode is a reference to the butterflies in the series' opening.
  • Jou told Joe about his classmates who discarded their humanity and joined Volt to take over the world.
  • The Action Commander in the episode, Zaien, is modelled after the final villain in Liveman, Great Professor Bias. He is also voiced by Nakata Jouji, who played Great Professor Bias.
  • Zaien saying "Defeat is not in my vocabulary!" is also a reference to a line Bias quipped during episode 30 of Liveman.
  • During the Treasure Navigation, Navi says, "Hop, Step, Love Jump", which is the title of Colon's song on the ChouJyu Sentai Liveman soundtrack.
  • Jou's entrance is a remake of a scene from episode 18 of Liveman, where he raced to save a runaway stroller.
  • The skateboard in Jou's office at the restored Academia has stickers that say "Land Lion" (Yellow Lion's mecha), "Skateboard Attack" (Yellow Lion's Jet Skateboard attack name) and "Colon" (which features her profile in silhouette). There is also a sticker of the Yellow Lion symbol, Academia's logo, and a lot of red/blue/yellow coloured stickers, referencing Red Falcon, Yellow Lion and Blue Dolphin.


Writer: Komura Junko 香村純子

Director: Watanabe Katsuya 渡辺勝也

Action Director: Ishigaki Hirofumi 石垣広文


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