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Kaizoku Sentai: Ten Gokaiger
Director Nakazawa Shojiro
Producer Mochizuki Taku
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Starring Ozawa Ryota
Yamada Yuki
Ichimichi Mao
Shimizu Kazuki
Koike Yui
Ikeda Junya
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) November 12, 2021 (2021-11-12)
March 9, 2022 (2022-03-09) Retail
Running time 61 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
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The ten years after V-Cinext for Gokaiger. Advance tickets come with a GokaiGalleon toy.


  • Captain Marvelous / GokaiRed - Ozawa Ryota キャプテン・マーベラス / ゴーカイレッド - 小澤亮太
  • Joe Gibken / GokaiBlue - Yamada Yuki ジョー・キブケン / ゴーカイブルー - 山田裕貴
  • Luka Milfy / GokaiYellow - Ichimichi Mao ルカ・ミルフィ / ゴーカイイエロー - 市道真央
  • Don Dogoier (Doc) / GokaiGreen - Shimizu Kazuki ドン・ドッゴイヤー(ハカセ) / ゴーカイグリーン - 清水一希
  • Ahim de Famille / GokaiPink - Koike Yui アイム・ド・ファミーユ / ゴーカイピンク - 小池唯
  • Ikari Gai / GokaiSilver - Ikeda Junya 伊狩鎧 / ゴーカイシルバー - 池田純矢
  • Masukoda Akirou - Hosogai Kei 益子田昭郎 - 細貝圭
  • Matsumoto Hiroya (Different kanji) - Matsumoto Hiroya 松本寬也 - 松本寛也
  • Crystalia Takamichi - Shoji Kohei (Kiramager) クリスタリア宝路 - 庄司浩平
  • Ring Announcer - Seki Tomokazu リングアナ - 関智一
  • Child - Ooba Shion 子ども - 大場心温
  • Child - 高橋仁 子ども - 高橋仁
  • Old man - Furukawa Gan おじいさん - 古川がん
  • Old Woman - Kagawa Nono おばあさん - 香川のの
  • School Girl (Yellow) - Ishii Kaoruko 女子高生 - 石井薫子
  • School Girl (Pink) - Shimizu Rara 女子高生 - 清水らら
  • Curry shop owner - Kato Pachiku カレー屋店主 - 加藤パーチク
  • Niwano Masatoshi - Kawano Kaisei 丹羽野将年 - 川野快晴
  • Hattori /Baddorii - Matsubara Tsuyoshi 服部 / バッドリー(声) - 松原剛志
  • Ayanoko / Rem - Sakata Rikako 綾小路 / レム(声) - 坂田梨香子
  • Horiuchi / Agdaros - Yoshida Metal 堀内 / アグダロス - 吉田メタル
  • Minister of Defense - Yamasaki Jun 国防大臣 - 山崎潤

Voice Actor

Suit Actors

All six original Gokaiger suit actors reprise their respective roles in this V-Cinext to do stunts, including Fukuzawa Hirofumi who reprises his role as GokaiRed. Fukuzawa stepped down from suit acting and took on the position as the Sentai action director since Go-Busters.


Ten Gokai Change

  • Two Gokai Change lessons were released. One on YouTube and one on TTFC. Both shorts include Captain Marvelous, Ahim, and Matsumoto Hiroya. Hosogai Kei guest stars only on the TTFC version, where he says lines referencing Basco and Ultraman Trigger.


  • In this continuity, Matsumoto is different from the actor. They changed the kanji in his name slightly.
  • When Doc is trying to wake Gai up, he says Ahim's name.
  • The Shield of Veritas was made up just for this movie. It doesn't appear in Kiramagers.

Sentai References

  • The ring announcer is played by Seki Tomokazu who voices the Gokaiger's equipment.
  • Matsumoto accidentally calls Masukoda "Bascota", since his actor played Basco ta Jolokia in Gokaiger originally. He even has a toy gorilla to represent Basco's companion Sally.
  • The high school girls are the child actresses for yellow and pink from Toqger. They're dressed in their respective colors and have similar hairdos.
  • When Yellow Lion fires his bazooka, Masukoda says "the explosive fire of youth" which is a line from the Liveman theme song.
  • Matsumoto cries with Beet Buster and MagiYellow are defeated, since they were his former roles in Sentai. Matsumoto really is the sentai ambassador in real life.
    • Matsumoto at one point says "maji ka?!" which he said a lot during his run of MagiRanger.
  • The rangers summoned to pursue Marvelous and Ahim are all police related. They're HeartQueen from JAKQ Dengekitai, DenjiGreen from Denjiman, GoYellow from GoGo V, TimeFire from TimeRanger, DekaBlue from DekaRanger, and Go-On Black from Go-Onger.
  • As JyuohEagle, Marvelous says his catchphrase, "Better not underestimate me!"
  • Ahim says, "Behold my knight's chivalry" as a Ryusoulger.
  • As ShishiRed, Marvelous says, "Alright, lucky!"
  • Marvelous slipping on the banana might be a reference to the Ninningers slipping on bananas as a running gag.
  • Ahim says "Eure-queen" as KirameiRed, a reference to red's "Eureka-ing".
  • All the Gokaiger suit actors reprise their original roles here.
  • Ahim meets with Crystalia Takamichi from Kiramager to borrow the mirror. Later, she mentions to Marvelous that she knows of an emoi doctor who can fix his eye. Perhaps she learned of this from Takamichi, since it's an obvious reference to KirameiPink from the same series.
  • During the end sequence, they eat at Snack Safari, a reference to Sun Vulcan as well as one of the first places they visited on Earth.
  • The kanji for Niwano Masatoshi can be read as Niwa no Shounen which translates to "the kid from episode 2".
  • Hattori / Baddorii is played by Matsubara Tsuyoshi who's a member of Project.R who make Sentai theme songs and Gokaiger OP theme song.
  • Navi complains to Marvelous about being left behind, because in Jyuohger 29, the Gokaigers take off without him, leaving him on Earth with the Jyuohger's uncle.

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