Don Dogoier

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Played by Shimizu Kazuki (清水一希)

Fourth member of the series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


Everyone address's Don as "Doc/Hakase" (ハカセ). The only exception is Gai who calls him "Don-san". The mechanic/chef of the crew. He became a refugee after Zangyack destroyed his home planet. His catchphrase is "Now's my chance!"


He is a slayer, who slay the dragon (according to a magazine). After the dragon was slain, Don loses almost all of his memories. After his home planet was destroyed, Don moved to another planet, where he was approached by Luka (who was pretending to be a damsel in distress) who wanted him to repair the GokaiGalleon. He accepted the job but then realized that Luka was a space pirate thanks to a wanted poster. He ran from her but later climbed up to the GokaiGalleon and offered to help. He easily repaired the Galleon, impressing the pirate trio. Noticing the clothes and litter cluttering the Galleon, he quickly cleaned and cooked dinner for the three pirates. Marvelous, Joe and Luka were impressed even further and Marvelous wanted him to become the space pirate and called him "Doc/Hakase". He joined the crew as their engineer and cook and became GokaiGreen. During his first battle with the Zangyack, he borrowed GokaiYellow's GokaiGun to perform a dual pistols style against the Goumin sailors.


Suit Actor: Takeuchi Yasuhiro (竹内康博)

Gokai Green is the Sentai Green of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
Don transforms into Gokai Green using the Gokai Green Ranger Key and Mobirates.

Gokai Changes

Using Ranger Keys, Don can transform into previous Sentai heroes, primarily Green and Black Rangers.

Other Sentai colors:

From Jyuohger 28-29 onwards, Don has access to Ranger Keys based on Super Sentai teams succeeding Gokaiger: