Gokaiger Episode 51

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Episode 51
Farewell Space Pirates
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Takemoto Noboru
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date February 19, 2012 (2012-02-19)
Viewership 4.0%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 50
Day of the Decisive Battle
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Episode List
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
< Episode 50 Farewell Space Pirates
Aired with Kamen Rider Fourze 23

Important things that happened

  • Final episode of the series.
  • At dawn, Akudosu Giru declares that all the Earthlings who oppose will be massacred.
  • As the final battle begins, the Gokaigers will use the 34 Super Sentai powers to overwhelm Akudosu Giru.
  • Aftermath and the death of Akudosu Giru and his son at the hands of Gokaigers, the Space Empire Zangyack from across the universe begins to splinter and dissolve.
  • Captain Marvelous decides that he and his comrades will depart to Zangyack's home planet to destroy the remaining fleets and the space empire.
  • All the Ranger Keys (except for the Gokaigers) are finally given back to the owners as the Gokaigers depart from Earth.


  • Charging Dairandou head on, the Gokaigers battle the Dogoumins before the Imperial fleet arrives to commence the total destruction of the city. However, Navi arrives in the Free Joker to hold off the fleet as Captain Marvelous and Gai use it to make a beeline towards the Gigant Horse while Joe and the others deal with Dairandou.
  • Once inside, GokaiRed and GokaiSilver battle their way through the Goumins before reaching the bridge where Akudosu Giru admits how impressed he is that they have made it this far, but still intends to kill the pirates. As GokaiSilver holds Akudosu Giru off, GokaiRed takes control of the Gigant Horse and uses its armaments to wipe out the entire Zangyack fleet as GokaiBlue and the others use the DekaMaster, Zubaan, Princess ShinkenRed, and MagiMother Ranger Keys to weaken Dairandou before destroying him.
  • Enraged to see his fleet destroyed, Akudosu Giru gets serious as he overpowers the two pirates before they damage the controls and stab him onto them before the Gigant Horse crashes.
  • The others arrive to find Captain Marvelous and Gai all right before Akudosu Giru appears, having survived the crash, still saying he will kill them all. However, with the power of the thirty-four Super Sentai teams behind them, the Gokaigers tells him that he is facing an army and has made a grave error attacking the Earth as they transform.
  • Using various Ranger Key combinations, the Gokaigers overwhelm Akudosu Giru before they become Hyper ShinkenRed, Super GoseiBlue, Super GekiYellow, DekaGreen SWAT Mode, Legend MagiPink, and GokaiSilver Gold Mode to weaken him further. However, no matter what attack they use, Akudosu Giru refuses to die until the Gokaigers fire the GokaiGalleon Buster at point blank range to finally destroy him.
  • Months later, with the city being rebuilt and news of the Space Empire Zangyack dissolving, the Gokaigers resolve to find the second Greatest Treasure in the Universe.
  • On their way to the repaired GokaiGalleon, the crew meets up with the class of students they met when they first arrived and they tell them not to thank them for saving the world.
  • But before they depart for the Zangyack's home planet to find the second Greatest Treasure, Captain Marvelous discards the Ranger Keys and allows the previous Super Sentai teams to regain their powers. Among those regaining their powers is the first red hero Kaijou Tsuyoshi, becoming AkaRanger once more as he hopes that the Gokaigers find what they are looking for.

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Space Empire Zangyack

Akudosu Giru

Gokaiger0050 (Akudosu Giru).jpg

Voiced by Ogawa Shinji (小川真司)
The emperor of the Space Empire Zangyack who leads the all-out war against the Gokaigers in order to conquer the Earth.
He carries the AkudoSword (アクドソード) for the swordsman skills and his ability to shoot the fireball with his shoulders.
He is considered the final antagonist of the series.

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Gokaiger0050 (Dairandou).jpg

Voiced by Ebara Masashi (江原正士)
One of the emperor's elite guards accompanying Akudosu Giru.
He also carries a Giant Hammer (ジャイアントハンマー) to execute his hammer attack.
Without Insaan, he leads the entire fleet to attack on the Gokaigers.

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Many guest stars can be found holding their Ranger Keys as the Gokaigers depart from Earth.

AkaRanger アカレンジャー
VulEagle II 2代目バルイーグル
FiveYellow ファイブイエロー
MammothRanger マンモスレンジャー
TenmaRanger テンマレンジャー
KirinRanger キリンレンジャー
GoGreen ゴーグリーン
MagiPink マジピンク
Go-On Silver ゴーオンシルバー
DekaMaster デカマスター

Attacks Used

This final episode features many attacks and Gokai Changes

VS Dairandou

  • Gokaigers = Gokai Scramble
  • GokaiSilver = Gokai Shooting Star
  • GokaiGalleon Buster = Rising Strike (Blue Charge)

In Gigant Horse

  • GokaiRed, GokaiSilver = Gokai Supernova and Slash

This will ultimately destroy the Gigant Horse

VS Akudosu Giru

  • All Gokaigers = Gokai Shooting Slash
  • GokaiGalleon Buster = Showy Wave (Special Charge)

Gokai Change

VS Dairandou

  • GokaiBlue = DekaMaster
  • GokaiYellow = ShinkenRed
  • GokaiGreen = Zubaan
  • GokaiPink = MagiWhite

VS Akudosu Giru

  • GokaiRed = AkaRanger, BoukenRed, Red Racer, GingaRed, Red Hawk, OhRed
  • GokaiBlue = Diamond Jack, TenmaRanger, Go-On Blue, Blue Three, GoBlue
  • GokaiYellow = Vul Panther, Yellow Mask, FiveYellow, AbareYellow, GaoYellow, Yellow Lion
  • GokaiGreen = Battle Kenya, DynaBlack, Black Turbo, Change Gryphon, MegaBlack
  • GokaiPink = DenjiPink, NinjaWhite, GogglePink, PteraRanger, Pink Flash, TimePink
  • GokaiSilver = GoseiKnight, Shurikenger, Black Knight, KingRanger

VS Akudosu Giru (Super Rangers)

  • GokaiRed = Hyper ShinkenRed
  • GokaiBlue = Super GoseiBlue
  • GokaiYellow = Super GekiYellow
  • GokaiGreen = DekaGreen SWAT Mode
  • GokaiPink = Legend MagiPink
  • GokaiSilver Gold Mode



  • In the final battle against Akudosu Giru, the Gokaigers transform into at least one member of the previous 34 Super Sentai teams. The teams got two members in the final battle were OhRanger, Gingaman, and Goseiger.

Sentai References

  • At the Snack New Safari, Captain Marvelous finishes five plates of curry rice, a loose reference to Daita Ooiwa / KiRanger eating four bowls of curry rice in episode 1 of GoRanger.
  • The teachers and school children from episode 1 make a return appearance. The Gokaiger paraphrase what they said to them in the end of episode 1.


Writer: Arakawa Naruhisa 荒川稔久

Director: Takemoto Noboru 竹本昇

Action Director: Ishigaki Hirofumi 石垣広文


Gokaiger Episode 51 Transcript