Luka Milfy

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Played by Ichimichi Mao (市道真央)

Third member and a heroine of the series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


The tomboyish lady thief. Her special technique is to attack with blades on strings.


Luka had a little sister named Fia. When Fia became sick and collapsed, Luka brought her to the nearest doctor in a hospital but Fia took a turn for the worse and died. She also had a childhood friend named Cain. Together, they took care of children who were orphaned by the invading Zangyack forces. After Fia's death, she left Cain and became a thief, stealing money and supplies from the Zangyack. During an attempt to steal money, she was caught by the Zangyack who attempted to kill her but the space pirates, Captain Marvelous and Joe Gibken showed up and saved her. Marvelous asked her to join the crew in search of the ultimate treasure in the universe. At first, she laughed at the idea but decided to join when she realized that Marvelous is serious. She became the third member of the crew and became GokaiYellow.


Suit Actress:


  • 100,000 zagins (in the past)
  • 300,000 zagins (Ep. 01)
  • 750,000 zagins (Ep. 05)
  • 1.5 million zagins (Ep. 15)
  • 3 million zagins (Ep. 39)