Ikari Gai

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伊狩 鎧

Played by Ikeda Junya (池田純矢)

Sixth member of the series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


The only member in the group who's from Earth. A boyish teenager that is a otaku of Super Sentai. In other words, he is a Super Sentai fan. His catchphrase is "Gingin iku ze ギンギンに行くぜ!" which means to do things "enthusiastically". It's basically a pun on gin/silver. Apparently Gai has the ability to redefine reality, as he can combine Sentai characters (Go-On Wings, a combination of Go-On Gold and Go-On Silver).


He is given the GokaiCellular by three dead dino/dragon-themed warriors: DragonRanger, TimeFire and AbareKiller when he nearly dies saving a child.


Suit Actor:

  • Satou Daisuke (佐藤太輔)
  • Asai Kosuke (浅井宏輔) (Episode 24)


Because his Ranger Key and GokaiCellular are not made by AkaRed there are differences between him and his team. they are:

  • His weapon: GokaiSpear
  • Personally, he has his own special power. It allows him to combine Ranger Keys. Keys that he combines:
  • Go-on Wings - Go-On Silver & Go-On Gold
  • GokaiSilver Gold Mode - The fusion of the fifteen extra/sixth Ranger Keys
  • GokaiChistmas - GokaiGreen & GokaiRed

Gokai Changes

Using Ranger Keys, Gai can transform into previous Super Sentai heroes, namely sixth and additional members to teams.

Gold Mode

The combination of all extra/sixth Rangers. It becomes a giant anchor that transforms into an armor that covers GokaiSilver. Using the anchored Ranger Key with 15 sixth Rangers.

Can be used by GokaiSilver, as well as the other Gokaigers in the Dice-O game, even GokaiRed in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Special DVD as his 36th Gokai Change. None of the other Gokaigers use it in the TV series though. Besides giving him a new chestplate, it also causes his helmet to close, and for him to use other special attacks.

Final Waves

  • Gokai Shooting Star
His finisher that throws GokaiSpear through his opponent.
  • Gokai Super Nova
Similar to Gokai Blast, using his GokaiSpear Gun Mode.
  • Gokai Legend Dream & Gokai Legend Crush
The finishers of GokaiSilver Gold Mode, with the power of 15 warriors who also fought as a legend.