Ahim de Famille

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Played by Koike Yui (小池 唯)

Fifth member and a heroine of the series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


Former princess of the planet Famille. Speaks in an extremely high class, polite fashion. Addresses everyone with -san.


She is a princess from the planet Famille. When the people of her planet refused to swear loyalty to the Space Empire Zangyack led by the emperor Akudosu Giru, the emperor's bodyguard Zatsurigu was sent out to massacre the people and destroy the planet. Ahim and her family were ambushed as they were leaving the castle and Ahim's parents were killed right in front of her by Zatsurigu. Ahim managed to escape and later encountered the Gokaigers. Ahim approached them and asked to join the crew. The pirates questioned why a princess would wish to become a pirate and Ahim explained her motives; becoming a space pirate and opposing the Zangyack would send a message to any survivors of her planet that she wasn't giving up, which would give them hope and the motivation to keep struggling against the Zangyack. With that, she became GokaiPink and also served as the mediator between the crew, who would frequently clash due to their very different personalities.


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