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A Japanese band that focuses on Sentai music. A part of Japan Columbia.

Active years: 2008-present

The R stands for Ranger.



First Sentai involement was with Go-Onger by singing its opening. Also sings Goseiger's ending and Gokaiger's opening.
First Sentai involement was by singing GekiRanger's opening and one of its insert songs. In Project.R he sang Go-Onger's ending and some of the insert songs.
First Sentai involement was by singing the ending to MagiRanger. As a part of Project.R she sings endings and insert songs.
Made his Sentai debut singing an insert song for MagiRanger. Sang the opening for Boukenger the next year. As a member of Project.R he's sung insert songs. He also sang the opening to Goseiger.
Was the composer for the Abaranger and MagiRanger openings. In Project.R he works on composing and arrangement for insert songs.
Sings the opening to Hurricaneger. Did the composition for DekaRanger's ending song. In Project.R he sings the ending for Go-Onger and Shinkenger. His band Zet Ki has also done work for Project.R.
Sings the insert song "Eien ni..." for MagiRanger. Also sings for Precure which is a part of the Nichi Asa Kids bracket.
Debuted in Sentai by singing the opening to DekaRanger. Also sings the ending to Boukenger. YOFFY the vocalist did composer work for Magi's ending and Boukenger's character songs. IMAJO the guitarist did composer work for Boukenger's character songs.
Singer for ending song of Jyuohger.
Singer for opening song of KyuuRanger

Lyricist, Composers

A main composer and arranger for Project.R. His works include the opening and ending themes for Go-Busters, and the ending themes for Goseiger and Gokaiger.
Lyricist for theme songs of Go-Onger.
Composer for Go-Onger and Go-Busters.
Composer for DekaRanger and Jyuohger.

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