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36th Super Sentai series
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ヴァグラス Probably a portmanteau of Bug and Virus

The villains group in Go-Busters.

While Vaglass is the official spelling, this is probably a portmanteau of Bug and Virus for Bugrus/Vaglass. This is supported by the grunts being called Buglars and the computer motif. The one thing that doesn't work is that while B/V are normally interchangeable in Japanese, the katakana combination only tends to be used to form the Va sound. Perhaps the B was changed to a V arbitrarily just to make it look more like a name and less like a portmanteau.

There's speculation that it may actually be a variation on Vagrants.


Voiced by Sasaki Seiji

An evolving virus. Has the ability to infect man-made objects, absorbing them into himself. Smaller versions of Messiah, Meta Viruses, are used to change animate objects into Metaroids.

Was born in the Transport Research Center on Christmas NC 1999, but was transported into the Subdimension to keep him from infecting the world.

Played by Jinnai Syo

Messiah's avatar in the human's world.

Played by Misaki Ayame

Another of Messiah's avatars.

Buglars バクラー
The expendable grunts. Enter creates them by swiping his card on his machine.
Metaroids メタロイド

The monster of the week. Created by Enter placing a chip on an object then swiping a card. The Metaroid created gains the property of the object Enter used, plus it becomes a teleportation marker for the Megazord.

The name comes from Meta Virus and and(roid). Both of which fit into the theme of the hacking and machine themes of the show. Since "Meta" means "referring to", "having characteristics", or "parody", this theory can be interpreted to mean an android that takes on the characteristics of the original object or the original object that has been converted into some semblance of an android. For an alternate theory, see below.
Alternate Theory: As seen on episode 21, 12:58 minutes in (skipping ads), it is written in English as Metaloid (all caps) on the tracker screen, the name relates to Metalloids, elements of the Periodic Table that have semiconductor/semimetal properties (used for several parts of machines, most notably processors and memory chips),which fit the energy and machine themes of the show. Curiously, all of the five substances accepted as metalloids can have a glass form (four of them readily forming glass while the fifth tends to turn crystal), thus relating to the name Vaglass.
Another theory on Metaloid: I thought it was a portmanteau between Metal and Android, since Enter (and later Escape) used items made with metal (key, antennas, trains...). It seemed more logical because the use of a virus, you need things like microchips that could be represented by metal (some kind of metaphor). However, there are some exceptions like the rubber (ep26), so my theory is not good.
Giant Robo Megazords 巨大ロボメガゾード
Currently comes in three types: Alpha (Speed type), Beta (Power type), Gamma (Reinforced battle type) which usually are seen having the same appearance traits of the Metaroid that was created beforehand as well as the Metaroid's attributes. The Command Center consistently refer to them as enemy Megazords.
The creators 創造する者たち
Apparently the ones who create the Megazords. Enter has communicated to them directly by text before on his laptop.

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