Kamen Rider Fourze 44

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Episode 44
Star Luck Ritual
Kamen Rider Fourze episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Ishida Hidenori
Action Director Miyazaki Takeshi
Original air date July 22, 2012 (2012-07-22)
Viewership 3.7%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 43
Twins Light and Dark
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Episode 45
The Scale Becomes Alienated
Episode List
Kamen Rider Fourze
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Aired with Go-Busters Mission 22
Everyone say Space Kitaaa! Movie >>

Important things that happened

  • Light Yuuki loses more of herself to Dark Yuuki. Dark Yuuki tricks Light Yuuki into taking the Switch, which causes the Kamen Rider Club to go after her, forcing her to transform into Gemini Zodiarts.
  • Gentarou restores Yuuki by remembering their childhood promise. Apparently he was the first person to believe in her.
  • When Leo transforms into Capricorn Zodiarts his music attack hits Kengo, but reverberates instead of hurting him. Gamou notices this.
  • Gemini is defeated. With Virgo gone, Leo is the one who collects her Switch.
  • The episode ends with a shot of Kengo. The sound that he made when he protected the Rider group plays again as he looks thoughtful.

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Gemini Zodiarts

Jemini Zodiatsu ジェミニ・ゾディアーツ
Gemini Zodiarts.jpg

Switcher: Dark Yuuki (闇ユウキ)
Played by: Shimizu Fumika
Height: 218cm
Weight: 182kg
Constellation: Gemini
Characteristics/Powers: 爆発性の高エネルギーを操る力、爆発性の分身体を生み出す

TV Asahi site
Kamen Rider Official site


  • Yuuki's father - Kamio Yuu ユウキの父 - 神尾 佑
  • Yuuki's mother - Takahashi Mari ユウキの母 - 高橋麻理
  • Young Gentarou - Ishikawa Tatsuki 少年時代の弦太朗 - 石川 樹


Voice Actress

  • Gemini Zodiarts - Konno Hiromi ジェミニ・ゾディアーツ - 今野宏美

Songs Used


  • No Fourze next week.
  • When fighting Light Yuuki as Gemini, only Kengo realizes that something is wrong. Gentarou, who's supposed to be perceptive when it comes to his friends, doesn't notice anything amiss.
  • It's been a while since we heard the "Make a wish upon a star" line.
  • When they're at the stone place to carry out the ritual, the Nugget with the triangle red eyes shows up.
  • Child Gentarou had a radar that he borrowed from his grandfather. Child Yuuki gave Gentarou a ticket in the shape of a rocket. That's both arms of Fourze!
  • It's saying something that even Yuuki's eclectic parents don't believe in her hearing a voice from space.
  • When the unarmed Kamen Rider Club members appear, Sagittarius uses a move that prevents them from moving. When Gentarou/Fourze shows up, he does nothing and lets him turn Yuuki back to normal. Priorities?!
    • Despite overwhelming two Riders by himself, Sagittarius and Leo leave to let Gemini be defeated by Fourze.
  • When Gemini splits in two the last time, she says "kore de kimari da" which is a reference to Kamen Rider W's catchphrase.
  • Libra's suspicion and defiance grows with each episode. He realizes that Gamou only needs his Switch, not him as a person. He is seen leaving the fight while Sagittarius Zodiarts, Gemini Zodiarts, and Leo Zodiarts are preoccupied.
    • Libra realizes that his use will be over once he finds Pisces. As he leaves, one hears the chime of his monk staff.
  • Tomoko stays with Ryuusei while he recovers. More shipping?
    • When giving out rocket tickets, Ryuusei and Nozama's are a pair.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Sanjou Riku (三条陸)
Director: Ishida Hidenori (石田秀範)
Music: Naruse Shuhei (鳴瀬シュウヘイ)
Cinematographer: 植竹篤史
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (宮崎剛)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田洋)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)


Kamen Rider Fourze 44 Transcript