Ninninger Shinobi no 29

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Shinobi no 29
Official Ninja Board game!
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger episode
Writer Shimoyama Kento
Director Watanabe Katsuya
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date September 13, 2015 (2015-09-13)
Viewership 3.4%
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Fan Rating 3.32 / 5
Episode chronology
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Shinobi no 28
Mad Dash! Kibaoni Ninja Army
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Shinobi no 30
The Ninja School is Targeted!
Episode List
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
< Shinobi no 28 Official Ninja Board game!
Shinobi no 30 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Drive 46

Important things that happened


Ninja Ikkakusai


Voiced by: Taketora
Height: 201cm (Girth of Ogres Height 48.2m)
Weight: 213kg (Girth of Ogres Weight 511.2t)
Object: N/A
Likes: Dice
Favorite place: Ninja Boardgame Hall
Attack Power: ★★★☆☆
Mysterious Techniques: ★★★★☆
Ramming: ★★★★★

Guest Stars

Attacks and Mecha

Songs Used


  • Henshin Photo Print Pajama.


  • The pun this week is the word sai, which can mean "rhino" or the shorthand way of saying "dice". Both of which are incorporated into this week's enemy. Sai also appears in the last part of the name, Ikkakusai as well as in his words like please/kudasai or go in/ohairinasai, which he emphasizes.
  • Ikkakusai sets up his door in a place surrounded by Moai Heads.
  • Young Tsumuji wore a red ninja uniform. Kyuuemon wore a green one, suggesting he would have been a green Ninninger if he were good.
  • Yakumo's new spell Roude Chimi Irukaa (ローデチ・ミイルカア!/Make a path of light appear)

Out of Episode Trivia

  • During the ending theme, there's a guess the number of colored fireworks there are. The colors match the colors on the remote for TV's in Japan.
    • Blue 4 Red 4 Green 2 Yellow 4
  • Super Hero Time intro with Drive this week.


Ninninger Shinobi no 29 Transcript