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39th Super Sentai series
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The Ninninger's enemies.

Kibaoni Gengetsu


Voiced by Mugihito

A general during the Sengoku Era. His goal was to unite Japan through fear. He was ultimately defeated by the Igaryuu Ninja Clan, but left a prophecy saying that he would revive in 444 years.

He supposedly revived as an Oni, but was sealed away by Takaharu's grandfather, The Last Ninja. But his threat looms again, since 2015 is supposed to be the true 444 years later.

His voice is heard corrupting the Sealing Shurikens: "Object devoid of a will of your own... Let Kibaoni Gengetsu give you purpose!"

Izayoi Kyuuemon


Voiced by Han Megumi

Kibaoni' page. He wears a kitsune Noh mask and wields what appears to be a magic mallet.

He has a purple Nin Shuriken with the kanji for Ja/Evil (邪) on it. This is the Goton You Shuriken.

Gabi Raizou


Voiced by Matsuda Kenji

Tsugomori Masakage


Voiced by Nakao Ryusei
The chief retainer of the Kibaoni Clan and his master's private strategist.



The grunts of Ninninger. They go around chanting "Jippa Jippa". Combined with their name, this forms the word "Jippahitokarage", which is the Japanese word for "a bunch of things indiscriminately grouped together", commenting on how faceless the individual grunts are.



The monsters of the week in Ninninger.

List of Youkai

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