Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Special DVD

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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Special DVD
手裏剣戦隊ニンニンジャースペシャル DVD
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger episode
Writer Koyama Makoto
Director Sugihara Teruaki
Original air date June 2015 (2015-06)
Character focus Takaharu, Kinji
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Episode chronology
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Shinobi no 14
Watch Out For Crying Wolf Swindlers!
Next →
Shinobi no 15
Youkai, I Never Make a Mistake
Episode List
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
< Shinobi no 14 Ninninger Special DVD
ニンニンジャースペシャル DVD
Shinobi no 15 >

TV Magazine Special DVD

Hyakki Yakou


  • Youkai Kamaitachi
  • Youkai Kappa
  • Youkai Tsuchigumo
  • Giant Youkai Gashadokuro
  • Hitokarage
  • Dorodoro
  • Magerappa

Nin Shuriken

衣 Clothes

Attacks and Mecha

Ninninger Attacks

  • Ishou Isshin no Jutsu (衣装一新の術, Clothes Change Technique) - It allows you to changes clothes. Using the clothing Nin Shuriken.
  • Dai Appare Ninja Retsu Zan (大アッパレニンジャ烈斬, Big Splendid Ninja Violent Slash) - Akaninger's attack using the clothing Nin Shuriken.
  • Dynamic Western Rock Star (ダイナミックウエスタンロックスター) - Starninger's attack using the clothing Nin Shuriken.


  • Kaen no Jutsu
  • Kakure-ryuu: Mangetsu Giri (Kakuranger attack)
  • Nin Retsu Zan


  • Kaze no Jutsu
  • Kaminari no Jutsu
  • Lightning Rock Star

Songs Used


  • Among the Youkai are the Dorodoro from Kakuranger and the Magerappa from Hurricaneger.
  • Starninger kabe-don's Kamaitachi. This is a reversal of Kamaitachi kabe-doning the Ninninger's mecha in Shinobi no 01.
  • Starninger uses Shurikenger's bat to defeat the Magerappa's.
  • During the fireworks scene, Akaninger shouts Tamaya in traditional Japanese fashion.
  • Speculative influences: The scene where Starninger and Akaninger jump across buildings to fight the giant Gashadokuro is similar to scenes from the anime Attack on Titan. At the end, Fuuka's rainbow horse costume might be a nod to the popularity of the cartoon, My Little Pony, among girls.
  • Hyakki Yakou (Night parade of 100 demons) is a legend that 100 types of Youkai will appear to form a parade.Also known as Hyakki Yagyou
  • Kinji was originally disappointed to hear that Kamaitachi, Tsuchigumo, and Kappa had already been defeated. (Shinobi no 10) So he should be pleased to see them revived here. (He takes many pictures when he sees them.)
  • Kamaitachi says "It may be day, but we won't flinch." in the same way the Ninningers say "We may be shinobi, but we don't hide."


  • Takaharu (Cowboy stripper) - Orange shirt with a wonderful exposed naval. Porn mustache, plastic gun, and rider crop included.
  • Kinji (Banchou) - Wearing getta clogs, a long school coat, a wooden sword in one hand and a school bag and chain in the other. Around his neck is a wooden wishing board (ema) saying "I want to become the Last Ninja's pupil - Kinji".
  • Kinji (Gaudy lord) - Kanji for "star" written on his forehead. Wears a topknot cap. Comes with an overcoat and a tiny plastic sword.
  • Takaharu (Disco) - Open chest jump suit with flowing hair sleeves. Giant sunglasses and a curly pompadour.

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